5 Things To Know About the Best Digital Marketing Agency NZ 

5 Things To Know About the Best Digital Marketing Agency NZ 

As of today, there are 300+ digital marketing agencies in Auckland, some of them claiming to ‘rank on the first page of Google for $99’ or receive 10K visits in a month for $49. 

If you ask us, the situation is messy and a good bunch of businesses get trapped with a hope of getting their presence online. The truth is, the easier digital marketing has been labelled to be, a lot is going underneath the surface. It doesn’t have a golden book of formulas or a set pattern to master like one does in stocks. 

The right Digital Marketing Agency NZ is all about cutting all the whack digital marketing is taught to be these days. While you lookout for one, we’ve enlisted several points you can consider before locking the deal. 

Partnering with One of the Top Digital Agencies in New Zealand

There’s no easier way to reach the top. It takes years of practice, knowledge and research to be able to understand the basics of digital marketing. With the latest trends in marketing, one of them being AI for search experience, marketers are expected to be on standby and deal with ever-rising competition. 

So, if you come across cold calls or emails saying they can “increase your website traffic in a month” or boost your followers on social media, it’s too good to be true. 

The right agency brings the growth that you want. They’re about performance, forecast and constantly tweaking their methods so you see a spike in your monthly web traffic, conversions and revenue. 

Any agency that initiates the conversation of bringing results, you can be assured that they’re professionals and they know what they do.

With that being said, here’s an expanded version of the qualities your ideal digital marketing agency in New Zealand should have. 

5 Traits of Leading Digital Marketing Agency in Auckland

1. The agency has a wide range of services

A Digital Marketing Agency NZ will often provide many services in order to avoid becoming one-dimensional and missing out on alternative revenue sources. If an agency has ten clients and each of them only uses one of their four services, it is reasonable to assume that they either a) have a poor sales staff or b) are only competent at one of the services they provide.

We typically see this when a firm that has been successful with an AdWords campaign attempts to provide SEO services. To the client, it’s ‘ranking on Google’, yet the two services are very different. A powerhouse agency will have many consumers that use several of its services.

2. Their digital marketing approach is clear

Would you trust a swimming teacher with your child if they are unable to swim themselves? The answer is probably no. The similar principle may be used to digital agencies. 

If a digital marketing business has a weak presence in AdWords or SEO, consider it a red sign! How can you trust an agency to help you climb the organic search rankings or produce inbound leads if they can’t do it themselves? A trusted agency will be visible throughout the search engine results pages.

3. They communicate clearly

It’s common for agencies to use the web of jargons to trap you right away, and then make you regret later. Digital agencies using buzzwords excessively are likely attempting to fool you into submitting; don’t buy that. As Einstein famously remarked, ‘If you can’t express it clearly, you don’t understand it well enough. 

Just using fancy buzzwords and talking like a computer doesn’t always mean they will reform your digital presence. Reputable, top digital agencies in New Zealand will be able to describe how they will assist you in simple language that you comprehend. Usually, this is because they have prior expertise developing digital marketing solutions that their clients understand.

4. They are delighted to provide you more than one recommendation.

Leading digital marketing firms would gladly provide you more than three references. You may be wondering why you have highlighted more than one’. It’s simple to keep one client pleased by having them speak praises every time a new consumer calls. 

It is far more difficult to maintain three clients pleased enough to vouch for you every time a customer calls.

5. The right agency doesn’t throw shade on other agencies

A self-assured digital agency will understand its value and will not engage in a zero-sum game. They will not market their services as low-cost, and they will not lower their pants to undercut competitors. 

A great agency will adjust the solution to your budget, but they will never provide more value by lowering their charges. If you want a Tesla, you’ll pay for it; knowing that its excellence comes at a cost. 

Thus, the right digital marketing agency in Auckland doesn’t get to where it is by offering cheap and diluted offerings that do not function.

Find The Right Digital Marketing Services in Auckland for You

So this was it. We hope now you can tell the difference between imposters who provide low-quality services and best digital marketing agencies in New Zealand for your next big project. 


Another thing that we’d like to add here is that you don’t need to settle with an overpaying agency too. A considerate agency would ask you about your budget and recommend you the best approaches to go about it. 

We hope your journey in finding the right digital marketing company is easy and free of stress. Happy seeking!