When Should You be Wearing Hi-Vis Clothing?


Hi-vis clothing is hugely common in many industries and areas of life and can play a major role in health and safety. Hi-vis clothing can even save lives, so when are the times that it should be worn? This article will tell you all that you need to know about hi-vis clothing and why it is so important in health and safety. 

What is Hi-Vis Clothing?

So, what exactly is hi-vis clothing? Essentially, this is clothing items that are highly visible so that someone can be identified in many different settings, including at night. The clothing is normally fluorescent, which means that it can be easy to see someone even in the middle of the night. Hi-vis clothing has been used in the working landscape since the 1960s when it was used to protect railway workers in Glasgow.

Why is Hi-Vis Clothing Important?

Hi-vis clothing is important because it lets people know where other people are located in any dangerous setting. Hi-vis clothing is particularly helpful when it comes to areas where there are a lot of vehicles around as it can make it a lot easier for motorists to spot someone. Hi-vis clothing can also be used as a way to identify people of authority, which can be helpful at any large event like a sports match or concert. Nowadays, hi-vis clothing is required by law when deemed necessary, so businesses need to make sure that they provide high-quality hi-vis clothing for their employees when required.

Why is it Vital That Hi-Vis is Up to Standard?

Due to the importance of hi-vis clothing, it is vital that the clothing that you provide for your employees is up to standard. Hi-vis clothing that is old, worn and damaged will not be as effective as a brand-new item, which could mean that it is not as effective and therefore dangerous for someone to wear. Therefore, it is important that you look after your hi-vis clothing and keep it protected. If items become damaged, worn or heavily soiled then you should replace it straight away. 

Why do You Have to Wear Hi-Vis Clothing?

You have to wear hi-vis clothing in potentially dangerous environments to create a culture of safety. A hi-vis jacket can prevent nasty accidents and even save lives, so you need to set a good example by always wearing hi-vis clothing in the right setting. 

Hi-vis clothing plays a hugely important role in health and safety in many industries. In potentially hazardous environments, it is important that everyone knows where everyone else is, especially when driving a vehicle or operating machinery. Hi-vis clothing can also make it a lot easier to identify members of staff, which is useful both for members of the public and other employees. 

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