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What Do I Need to Print Checks?


People have a number of reasons for choosing to print their own checks, from cost-effectiveness to the ability to customize. Printing your own checks can eliminate unnecessary expenses, guarantee that your checks will always be unique, and ensure that you will always have an unlimited number on hand. 

Your own checks also allow you to make a name for yourself. In an era in which business competition is ruthless, brands are all trying to get a leg up on one another, and everyone hopes to stand out, personalized checks are a way to ensure that your logo and name are memorable.

Keep in mind that professionalism is key, and you can’t just print on any paper. Every check you print still needs to follow standard bank procedure. If you have decided that you would like to begin printing your own checks, whether personal or professional, you should take a few precautions before doing so. 

Invest in necessary software

Before you start researching card stock and choosing customized designs, you’re going to need to take strategic action and purchase software necessary for check printing. If you’re planning to print your checks by scratch (rather than purchase partially printed checks from a professional printer), you’ll need to properly format them, and to do so, you need formatting software. This might require some computer, artistic and graphic design skills. 

Fortunately, in the technological era, software exists that can make the process a breeze, eliminating the need for manual formatting. Most software companies release updates annually to meet current standards, and they are compatible with a number of programs used by individuals and business owners, from QuickBooks to Microsoft Office.

As long as you have a printer and card stock, and you understand how to format a check, you’re good to go. 

Consider the responsibility

If formatting and printing your checks from scratch sounds intimidating to you, you’ll be happy to learn that you have an option if you’re less adept at navigating design software. You can find lots of help out there. 

Other concerns involve security risk. If you don’t use high-security check stock, you may be missing out on peace of mind.

According to most industry experts, SafeChecks check stock is the gold standard. Thermochromatic ink printed on controlled paper stock always passes high-security regulations, and the special ink helps to eliminate check fraud.

SafeChecks have been proven to pass stringent security checks at every major bank. If your checks are printed on high-security check stock, they are almost guaranteed to clear every single time. 

Before you spend all the time and energy of researching how to print your own checks, think one more time. Technically, you could try to do it yourself, but should this really your top priority, while running a business or juggling so many other responsibilities? Most people choose to get their checks printed by online services.

Use check printing services

Online services provide a fairly simple way to skip the hassle of doing your own check printing and give you the added bonus of providing security to an individual or business owner who is concerned about fraud and bank rejections. What’s more, most online check printing companies will also take your security a step further by placing each individual check in a black-tinted envelope to ensure no one can read sensitive information through the paper.

If you are unwilling to print checks on your own, you can use online check printing services. Accessing services such as smartpayables online check printing can help to eliminate security risk, ensure legitimacy, and get your customizable checks printed in a flash.

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