Is Mount Litera School International Best for Your Child?

International Baccalaureate board was founded in 1968 in order to cope up with the recent requirements and developments. The headquarters are situated in Geneva, Switzerland. Since 1968, more than 4,000 schools have adopted the IB programme and are now classified as international baccalaureate schools (IB school).

One of the major advantages that IB brings with it is that you get the freedom to subjects of your choice. For example, you can study Spanish and Chemistry at the same time. Whereas, schools affiliated with traditional boards don’t provide this kind of flexibility.

When compared to the traditional boards, IB stands differently. They focus on holistic growth and pay ample attention to extracurricular activities.

Mount Litera School International (MLSI), one of the top 10 ib schools in Mumbai, makes sure that curriculum is curated keeping all child’s future in mind. Hence,  they focus on the main core subjects like Maths, science, history etc and pay equal attention to social, communication, self-management skills and research.

Moreover,  keeping in mind the overall development of the child, they make sure that they provide ample of time to extra-curricular activities and make it an important part of their lives. With the help of these, they believe that kids learn how to enhance their skills and handle critical situations.

It is not restricted to that; the school believes in giving it back to the society. They have an initiated a community program that motivates kids on an ongoing basis to work towards creating a sustainable environment.

In previous years, they have lent hands to the organizations that help the unprivileged and the old. Moreover, support the projects that aim to achieve a purpose in conserving and preserving the environment and its inhabitants.

These are three things that they impart in students:

– Treat each child as an individual.

– Engage students with real-world problems and learning.

– Making learning collaborative.

– Making learning visible.

One thing that you need to keep in mind while going for campus tours; try to avoid visiting the campus in the first and last semester in order to get the clearer picture. Once everything is sorted which enlists going for campus tours, interacting with faculty and students, the end procedure is to pay the caution money and fees. For that, you have to collect and submit duly filled admission form within a week after the admission offer is made. Mount litera school international fees is non-refundable and non-transferable, once paid.

Hence, enrolling your child in MLSI will shape their future, build confidence and help them with overall development. If you have any further queries regarding admission, you can go to the school’s website and fill the admission enquiry form. All your queries will be solved very soon.

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