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6 Interesting Facts About the Manufacturing of Beer


Are you interested in the manufacturing of beer?

When you drink a bottle or glass of beer, you are likely not thinking about the history of your drink. However, beer has a fascinating history, one that dates back to ancient times. From the container you use to the ingredients that make up the flavor you love, beer is much more of a work of art than you might think.

Whether you are a beer connoisseur or you are thinking of starting a micro-brewery, learning about beer is an interesting venture. From ancient Egyptians to the craft breweries of today, the way people have manufactured beer is an interesting subject to discover.

If you want to know a few interesting facts about the manufacturing of beer, this short and simple guide is for you.

1. Beer and Bread

Thousands of years ago, the beer was created by soaking half-baked bread in water. This would encourage the fermentation process that creates the beer we know today.

2. You Can Make George Washington’s Beer

If you are interested in beer production, why not make George Washington’s beer? Simply follow his handwritten recipe for “small beer” to make the drink of one of the Founding Fathers.

3. Home Brewing Was Illegal Until 2013

Did you know homebrewing was illegal until 2013? It’s true, in the great states of Mississippi and Alabama, brewing beer at home was illegal into the 2010s. This law might be the reason why billion-dollar home breweries turned microbreweries are not common in these two states.

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4. Craft Beer Ingredients Are Evolving

Craft beer is one of the most popular drinks today. And while you likely enjoy the varieties of flavors craft beer offers, you might not be aware of what ingredients are creating those flavors. Craft beers can contain ingredients such as seaweed, candy corn, pig brain, cookie dough, and more.

5. Beer Is a Great Source of Vitamins and Minerals

While you might not think of beer as a nutritional drink, it has a surprising amount of vitamins and minerals. Due to the fermentation process, beer contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B7, which are essential for stimulating your metabolism, supporting your red blood cells, and more.

6. Monks and Women Were Master Brewers

Although beer is an alcoholic beverage, in ancient times, it was brewed by women and monks. This is because the malting process was not yet discovered and beer did not contain much alcohol.

These Are Some Interesting Facts About the Manufacturing of Beer

By reading this guide, you can learn interesting facts about the manufacturing of beer.

Some of the interesting facts about beer include how it was first made, what type of beer is popular today, and some of the interesting ingredients that are in the beer you drink. You can make the beer of our Founding Father and drinking beer might have health benefits you didn’t expect.

These are some of the most interesting facts about making beer.

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