4 Ways Tech Can Help Your Employees Through School

4 Ways Tech Can Help Your Employees Through School

To get a doctoral degree will go a long way to help enhance your career. Don’t think that every online degree program is a scam, it isn’t. Some are actually worth your time and money. Online programs are convenient because of their distance option that relies on the Internet to help students learn. An EdD program and a Ph.D. program are two different things, and to get into either program, you need a Master’s degree in Education to earn your doctorate of education online. If you are going to continue your path, you have to start the whole thing with a Bachelor’s in education. Both degrees focus on a higher educational level than just getting a Master’s degree.

An EdD is a Doctor of Education degree focusing on the field of education, that creates preparation in the holder for academic work, research, administrative, clinical, or professional positions in educational, civil, private organizations or public institutions. The EdD is a focus on a curriculum that will eventually lead to a Ph.D. in education. Ph.Ds. are good for those who want to continue their work as an educator. Ph.D. in education programs means you have to do the work outside of the traditional classroom, while EdD programs require work to be done inside the classroom. The second way of tech helping your employees through school may mean that you can finish your degree faster, even if some of the work involves needing a classroom.

Online doctorate programs take 54 to 64 credits to complete, and a full-time student can earn this degree in three years. You could do research on what kinds of schools may seem right for you. Each online school has its strengths and weaknesses. Some online programs may seem like scams to those who do not understand the benefits of having an online program work for you. Do your homework in order not to be robbed of both money and time. The third-way technology can help your employees get through school is the Internet has no location bounds since digital programs have connectivity to the workforce. There is also the option of Massive Open Online Courses or MOOC for those with fewer resources, offering both credentialed and non-credentialed education options, with the provision that students come in to learn new subjects or earn their MOOC certificate.

MOOC certificates could prepare one for an EdD degree. An EdD is another type of doctorate, so if you choose to study online, a fourth way that technology can help support your employees through school is to provide a way to study without having to spend time in the classroom that the candidate does not have. Specialized tracks for both degree types include early childhood education, special education, adult education, teacher leadership, curriculum, instruction, and learning, and lastly, leadership. If you take the Ed.D. route you can seek positions in administration or as a community or district-wide leader.

The fifth way you can help your employees earn your doctorate of education online through school is to help pay for an online Ed.D. that ranges from $375 to $1,230. This is one way to completely help your employees through school if the employer is an educational institution. You are able to be flexible while managing your classes around professional commitments. There are hybrid online/in-person Master’s programs out there that can help you maintain a striking balance between working and getting an online degree. Getting a degree in EdD can be done if you manage your time right.

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