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3 Different Species of Snakes Kept as Pets


Pet snakes are having a bonafide moment. Coveted for their striking looks, low maintenance care needs, and the novelty of owning such a unique creature. These legless animals have become rising stars in the pet world with massive devoted followings in TikTok and Instagram. There are well over 3,000 species of snake on the planet, with about a hundred or so species that are kept as pets. Of those, there are three different snake species in particular, that have unquestioningly become some of the most popular. 

Ball Pythons

The classic favorite, ball pythons are widely regarded as the most popular of all snake species. Renowned for their calm temperament, easy care requirements, and their thousands of morph combinations, these snakes have charmed their ways into many a beginner reptile owner’s home. 

One of the biggest draws, however, is the fact that there are thousands of ball python morph combos. The ability to choose from a vast (and growing) array of colors and patterns has helped ball pythons make an excellent choice for first-time snake owners but still fun and entertaining enough to tickle the fancy of seasoned reptile pros. 

When it comes to their accommodations, they keep things simple. Ball pythons are medium-bodied snakes that average between 4 and 5 feet in length. Fun fact: They are one of the smallest of the python family. They originate from sub-Saharan Africa and like their environment to be moderately warm and humid like the subterranean burrows they are often found in. 

Blood Pythons

Blood pythons are a latecomer to snake fame, but despite their delayed start, have quickly earned a loving fanbase of their own. In the past, they had a less-than-stellar reputation, however, modern herpetological enthusiasts have dispelled those rumors and the public has finally come to appreciate these impressive darlings. These beautiful snakes are stunning, naturally sporting bright oranges, yellows, and reds. 

They come from southeast Asia and can be found in Thailand, Malaysia, and Sumatra. Their tropical origins mean they like their tank environment to be moist and humid. This condition can be tricky to monitor and is what makes blood pythons slightly more challenging than your ultra-easy-going ball python.

Boa Constrictors

When you picture the snake-iest looking snake you can imagine, odds are that you’re picturing a boa constrictor. There are two types of boa constrictors: Boa constrictor imperator and Boa constrictor constrictor. The latter, also known as the ‘red tail boa’ or ‘common boa’, is the most popular type of constrictor kept as a pet. 

Red tail boas are nonvenomous and perfectly safe to own. This boa is found in tropical South America and the Caribbean and is significantly heavier and longer than the ball or blood pythons. Averaging between 7 and 9 feet, this species is a great choice if you’re looking for an impressive snake that will ‘wow’ your friends and family.All three of these different snake species are popular as pets. You can find blood pythons, ball pythons, boa constrictors, and many other kinds of snakes for sale online at specialty pet stores. For the best selection, opt for pet retailers that specialize in reptiles.

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