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You Can Bet on It: How to Make Money From Online Sports Betting


Since 1992, over $20 billion has been spent just on sports betting alone.

If you’re interested in getting into online sports betting and making some extra cash, there are a few things that you need to learn in order to be successful.

Keep reading to find out what tips we have!

Focus on Quality Bets

When you start making new bets, you should focus on making quality bets.

For example, if you were looking into starting a sports betting service, you’d be better off focusing on making really good bets versus making a lot of them.

If you’re betting on the NFL, there are about sixteen games each week. If you’re going to be on every single one of those games, you’re likely to lose a lot of money. However, instead of betting on every game or every little thing, you want to choose your bets wisely.

Many people think that betting on everything can bring them more money, but you’ll actually be wasting it and spreading yourself too thin.

Manage Your Money

You’ll also have to keep track of your money and be careful with what you end up betting on. Many people will lose money because they don’t know how to manage their money, not because they make bad bets.

Make sure you set a budget on how much you’ll allow yourself to bet. You need to make sure that you have enough money to fall back on if one of your bets falls through.

For example, you shouldn’t bet $100 on one bet and then bet $5 on another one. This can spread you too thin, and it’ll be hard to keep track of what you’re betting and on how much.

Even if you bet too much and then win, that doesn’t mean that strategy will work all the time in the future. In fact, doubling up on your bets after a win can be one of the best strategies to ensure that you lose money.

There are plenty of software and apps out there that can help you keep track of it if you feel like that’s something you’re struggling with.

Don’t Purchase Picks

Another tip you should keep in mind is to avoid purchasing sports picks. The people who are selling them don’t have any hidden insight as to who’s going to win, and you’re better off doing your own research.

Some of the companies that sell them can also be sketchy. They are run by call centers, and they will just call certain numbers to try and sell their picks. Some of them will try to sell half of the callers on one part of the game, and the other half of them will do the other half.

They don’t use any statistics or research to try and help you pick a winner. They’re just betting on random chance, just like you are.

Don’t Do Big Parlays

Another thing to avoid is a big parlay. They can be tempting because they normally offer a large payout, especially if you use cash to bet with.

With parlays, you also don’t have good odds for most of the time. If you are in the small percentage that will win, you will get a big payout, however.

That doesn’t mean that all parlays are bad. Some of them can end up winning you a little bit of money, but if you’re going to bet on them, make sure that you only bet as high as a three-team play to help increase your chances of winning.


Another thing people tend to skip is doing research on the sport they’re betting on. You might be able to rely on advice from other people, but it’s always best to know the game inside and out before you place a bet on them.

You’ll be competing with other sports betters who know so much about the sport they’re betting on. They’ll study injuries, angles, handicaps, and trends of the game before they place a bet.

However, a lot of people find that they don’t have time to do research on the games. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, you should find someone else who does. This might be listening to a podcast on your way to work or reading up on some forums from other people who are betting on it.

There are also professional handicappers online, like Doc’s Sports Service, who are very useful for it.

Use Live Betting

Live betting can also be a great way to increase your profit from betting.

Many people like to place bets before the game starts, but betting during the game can actually be a useful strategy.

Sportsbooks for live betting is calculated using an algorithm, which can take out the factor of the flow of the game. This might make it easier for some people to bet.

Learn More About How to Make Money With Online Sports Betting

These are only a few tips to help you make money with online sports betting, but there are many more useful tips out there.

We know that trying to figure out everything in the world of sports betting can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help you figure it out!

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