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What to Expecting When Renting a Bin Service for the First Time


Are you interested in renting a skip bin to help with your waste management needs but no clue where to start? When it pertains to elimination of rubbish from homes or commercial establishments, a bin hire service is no doubt a convenient and straightforward solution.

Skip bin companies lease out bins to property owners on a short or long-term basis. The containers are delivered to the desired address and then hauled away for processing. Convenient right? However, there are practically hundreds of bin companies out there and choosing one that suits your needs has its’ share of challenges.

In this post, we will go over some suggestions for choosing an excellent bin hire service for waste management.

Consider what type of rubbish are you putting inside the bin?

Do you need the bin for storing residential or industrial waste? Contrary to popular belief, you can’t just put anything you want inside the skip bin. Some companies provide residential skip bins while others cater to industrial clients.

When searching for a skip bin hire service, narrow your search to a business that is experts in handling your particular sort of waste.  If you plan on using the skip bin to throw away chemicals or broken car batteries, then you will need a bin hire company that specialises in the latter.

Where is the bin hire company located?

As mentioned earlier, a bin hire service involves, among other things, making arrangements to transport and pick up the bin after use. This implies that the distance associated with the delivery and pick-up of the latter directly affects the price for renting out said skip bin.

Simply put, it’s a good idea to hire a bin service that locally operates in your area. The shorter the distance involved in delivering your bin to your place and also picking up the container after you’re done utilising it, the lower your rental fees. Also, you can expect a quicker response should you have questions regarding your bin service.

How much is the bin company charging for the service?

Of course, the price will always be an essential factor for choosing which bin company to go with. Naturally, it’s tempting to opt for whoever charges the lowest fee but is that a good idea?

As the old saying goes — you get what you pay for. A bin hire service with a proven reputation for excellent service is naturally in a position to charge higher fees. Hence you would want to consider whether your chosen skip bin company can cater to your needs and well worth your time and money.


So there you have it — what you need to know before working with a bin hire service. With these pointers, obtaining the right skip bin for rubbish removal in South Australia should not be too much trouble. The people behind your chosen bin hire service ought to be able to provide you with the perfect skip bin for your waste management needs.

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