LED sign lights with Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology are a renaissance in the field of outdoor and commercial lighting. It has helped in the growth of many businesses and is booming day by day. Signlights LED are a pioneer and a trendsetter in this field of lighting.


Commercial outdoor LED sign lights are packed with innovative and outstanding features. They are durable and have an incredible amount of brightness. These iridescent lights can illuminate the place and can transform its ambience in the blink of an eye. To create a tempting and eye-catching experience, you have to rely on modern technology and innovations.

Commercial outdoor LED sign lights come in various series or formats. Some can be seen even under direct sunlight and can withstand extreme weather. If used in matches or games it can display the contents distinctly.

Commercial outdoor LED sign lights also come with ultra-light designs. These can be portrayed on a large screen without burdening much on the installing structure.
In addition to these, there are series with slim unit case designs for displaying premium products. Some outdoor LED sign lights are required for outdoor installation as well. These require high brightness and contrast.

Outdoor LED sign lights are also utilized for showcasing creative and artistic architecture. In such cases, the original look of the building is maintained while embellishing with creative sign lights.

LED Sign tube manufacturers are widely available in the market. With the increase in the usage of LED sign lights, the number of manufacturers has surged, but Signlights LED is becoming a pioneer and a path leader in this field.

Signlights LED is a forerunner in manufacturing double-sided sign tubes, Rapid lamps, bulbs and others.
The LED Sign tube lights from Signlights LED are distinctive in their way. They offer excellent heat dissipation with extraordinary and dynamic brightness, durability, and power savers throughout the usage of the sign. The installation can be done in the blink of an eye.


Among the LED Sign tube manufacturers, Signlights LED is a preferred choice because
for multiple reasons.

It is user and environment-friendly
Our LED lights generate 90℅ more light than others along with lesser heat output which results in more durability and requires zero maintenance.

It is less costly
Even though our LED lights and bulbs perform better than others, it is cost saving. So you can amplify your business or shop’s presence at a convenient price and also without spending time and energy on its maintenance.

Variety of sizes
We offer a plethora of sizes to suit different purposes. Our double-sided illumination, circular tubes offer wide coverage and create sensational illumination which can easily turn the heads of customers.

Our Innovation
To view our Product list and to choose which will suit your purpose, you can go through our Product tab and make your choice.
Our LED Sign tubes can brighten and adorn monuments, and sign boards making them look stunning and gorgeous.

Easy Installation
Our installation procedures are incredibly easy as compared to other LED Sign tube manufacturers. Here, you just have to cut off the power from the existing ballast, replace the old bulbs with new lamps from Signlights LED. Connect them with the wire cables. Your installation work is over.


Outdoor led sign lighting is used specifically for advertisements, signboards, building signs and others. For outdoor sign lighting Signlights LED can be relied upon.

The Double sided sign tubes from Signlights LED are the best for illuminating sign boards.
Sign boards illuminated from both ends are eye -catching and pleasing to glance at. It creates an indelible impression in the viewer’s mind, which in turn can increase the annual turnovers in one’s business.

Outdoor led sign lighting from Signlights LED are reliable, attractive, durable and cost saving. It comes in a variety of designs which are also customized for specific purpose or is customized according to your need.

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