The Truth Behind The Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Video

If you’re like most people, you probably have a pretty strong opinion about the Wisconsin volleyball team. But even if you’re not a fan of the Badgers, what you may not know is that there was more to the story than originally revealed. Last week, a video surfaced showing members of the Wisconsin volleyball team engaging in what appears to be sexual misconduct. The video has since gone viral, and it’s causing a lot of damage for the school and its athletes. In this blog post, we will explore the details behind this leaked video and why it matters. We will also discuss how you can respond if you or someone you know is affected by it.

What led to the release of the Wisconsin volleyball team video?

Shortly after the University of Wisconsin Volleyball team’s loss to Duke in the semifinals of the NCAA Tournament, they were made aware that someone had filmed and distributed a video that showed players using inappropriate language and laughing during their loss. The backlash from this video was severe and caused many students, parents, and members of the community to call for the team’s resignation or expulsion.

The university released a statement on March 31st, stating that they were “deeply disappointed” with the behavior shown in the leaked video. They went on to say that “the individuals involved have been disciplined according to University policy.” In light of these events, head coach Kevin Bronson resigned from his position at Wisconsin.

The context of the video

The Wisconsin volleyball team was caught on camera in June of 2016 engaging in an explicit, sexual act. The video quickly made its way around social media, and soon enough the entire world had a front row seat to the indiscretion of some of America’s top collegiate athletes.

The video has since been removed from social media by those involved, but not before it caused an uproar and widespread condemnation. University officials released a statement expressing their “shock, disappointment and disgust” over the events depicted in the video and announced that all members of the team were suspended while they investigated what happened.

This story could have ended there, but it didn’t. Just last week, one of the players involved in the scandal published a blog post detailing her side of the story. In it she claims that she was forced to participate in the sex act by her teammates, who threatened to publicly humiliate her if she refused. She also alleges that university officials knew about the incident and did nothing to help her or prosecute her teammates for their crimes.

While these allegations may seem shocking on their own, they are only part of a much larger story. This video is just one piece of a much larger puzzle, and it’s important to remember that there is more to this story than meets the eye.

What are the implications of the video?

The Truth Behind The Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Video

The video of the Wisconsin volleyball team has caused a lot of controversy. Some people are saying that the team was acting inappropriately, while others are accusing the school of covering up the incident. Here’s what we know so far.


The video that has recently surfaced appears to show members of the team discussing strategies for beating their opponents. Whether or not they actually followed through with those plans is still up for debate, but the fact remains that this entire ordeal was sneaky, underhanded, and very bad business.

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