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Take Customer Feedback Seriously if You Want to Retain Your Customers

You need to find a way to know how your customers feel about your company. Whether it’s about the products you sell, or their experience when shopping, you have to know if there’s anything you need to improve. 

You need a mechanism for collecting information 

If you notice, most stores selling products online have a way of determining how people felt about the experience. It could be through a detailed review or a simple rating from 1 to 5. You can also send a survey for customers to answer or call them through the contact information shared with you. Not all of them are willing to provide their feelings about the product, but some of them will. You can at least get an insight into their thoughts if you have a way of determining what they truly feel. 

Not all of them are serious

Yes, not all reviews are serious, but it doesn’t mean you have to ignore them. Some customers don’t care about their experience after they receive their order. They will only complain and say a lot of negative things if they had a terrible experience. Despite that, you still need to take whatever information you obtain seriously. You want to know what the general feeling towards your brand is. There might be some outliers, but you will have a sense of how most of your customers feel. If there are people who volunteer to email or call you to make their feelings heard, it’s even more crucial to take the information they give seriously. 

Meet with your team

You have to constantly find a way to know how your customers feel about your products or with the way they purchase their products on your site. You also need to meet your team to discuss the general feedback received. You can determine the next steps while evaluating the reviews. 

You might want to start with the user experience in buying products from the site. If the general feeling is that the website seems complicated and terrible, you have to focus on web design. Partner with a specialist in web design Oxford e-commerce companies recommend if you wish to improve the layout and overall appeal of the site.

You can also discuss product quality. You have to compare what you offer with other brands to know if your offer is inferior. Even if you want to prioritize low cost, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. You still need to give people their money’s worth. The reviews might even give specific information about what they disliked about using the product. You might even conduct a focus group discussion to have more detailed information from a small group of customers.

Yes, not all reviews are serious, and some of them might even come from bots. However, you still need to take everything with a pinch of salt so that your brand will remain popular. The fact that you consider user review means a lot to your target audience. 

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