Prestashop Addons: Useful Tips for Your Business

One of the most widely utilized eCommerce platforms worldwide is Prestashop. Many small and medium-sized enterprises use it because of its dependability and relatively inexpensive cost of creation and maintenance. Prestashop is an open-source platform and is totally free to utilize. 

Normally, if you want to add some essential new capabilities, you’ll need to employ a developer, which might occasionally cost you money. An Addon or Module with the desired functionality is purchased for much less as an alternative to paying a developer. 

We have jotted down a variety of Prestashop addon business tips that will be very helpful for boosting your sales and satisfying your consumers so that your online business doesn’t leave anything to chance during this crucial season of the year.

Swift Response to Clients

As a vendor on PrestaShop Addons, you commit to responding to inquiries as soon as feasible (under one working day maximum). Remember that the “customer service quality” criterion is used to assess your weekly status and is calculated using the response time and rate. 

Each client can provide you feedback on both the timeliness and quality of your responses. This criterion is computed based on your rating of our customer service. Create pre-written messages for common issues in your seller account’s “Settings” > “Support” to save time while responding. 

Remember to turn on “Vacation” mode in your seller account if you are going on vacation so that your consumers know the extended response times.

Customer Satisfaction

Do not be alarmed if you get a poor review; you will always have the chance to respond! Encourage your consumer to describe all the important issues so you may address them if the issue is related to the product in question. If it is a problem, be honest and acknowledge it. Once they are online, don’t forget to update your ZIP and let them know. 

After you solve the issue, encourage your clients to revise their ratings. Remember that your seller account’s message interface is available to you. Since Prestashop can observe your conversations with your customer, it will be simpler for them to assist you in the case of a problem.

Professionalism Is the Key

Since their store is their primary source of income and a few hours can seem like an eternity, merchants that contact you are frequently in a panic. You got a message that makes you angry. Keep your composure and professionalism so that he will continue to think well of you. 

Maintain good manners, and don’t be afraid to ask your client for all the information you need to assist him as effectively as possible.

Customer Engagement

Allow consumers to save products straight from their shopping cart, a tool that both the unsure and the forward-thinking adore. Before completing their back-to-school purchases, some customers just like to gather everything in one spot. If you wish to increase your sales and conversion rate, you must have Buy Later, a feature that sets large e-commerce companies apart. 

Customers can lay things aside with only one click (far quicker than with a wish list!) as opposed to deleting or forgetting them. They can find their items in the shopping cart when they visit the website. All they need to do is include them for the day.

Additionally, you can get access to the coingate prestashop plugin you want by paying through the cryptocurrency of your choice. Go ahead with it now to reap the benefits. 

Communication Clarity

Remember that when you sell your products on PrestaShop Addons, you interact with various online e-merchants who frequently lack technical expertise, agencies, freelancers, and developers. So keep in mind to speak clearly so they can follow you easily. Select just the languages that you can provide technical help in and that you speak fluently in the Settings > Information section of your Seller account. 

These will show up straight from each product’s product sheet. If you don’t communicate in the same language as your client, prefer English and forbid automatic translation.

Greater Visibility

Before making a purchase, 90% of Internet users utilize a price comparison website. Exporting your goods to markets suited for your industry will help you get ready for the start of the new school year. The most potent and sophisticated module for adding your products to Google Shopping and bringing thousands of new, qualified customers to your store is Google Merchant Center. 

With only one click, Amazon Marketplace will synchronize your catalog, allowing you to reach millions of customers with your products. You can synchronize your catalog to the eBay marketplace in less than five seconds with FastBay (eBay).

Final Thoughts

Whenever you want to establish a strong brand or run a successful business, you need to be more innovative and creative than your rivals. However, before making any other improvements, you must adhere to the abovementioned tips for running a successful PrestaShop store with PrestaShop addons.

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