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Major Adventurous Activities to Try Out in Thailand


Among all Southeast Asian countries, which have lately managed to acquire extensive acknowledgement as a travel destination, Thailand is rightly considered best. Encompassed by luscious rainforests, majestic highlands, and pristine beaches, it can successfully provide modern-day individuals utmost relief from their daily monotonous lifestyle. Besides exploring unique traditions, paying visit to notable places of interest, savouring delectable food items, etc., when in Thailand, you must also participate in a few adventurous activities. Major ones include:

  1. Skydiving

Since time immemorial, human beings have yearned for flying high up, and skydiving fulfils their desire to a great extent. You must look out for a skilled professional in Thailand, who can prepare you for such a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Just imagine falling from a height of about 13,000 ft., and letting gentle wind brushing against your body.

  1. Scuba Diving

Koh Tao of Thailand is one of those very few places in this whole wide world where you swim with sharks and whales. Owing to having colourful corals and clear waters, it can successfully attract such gigantic creatures. When scuba diving here, you might also witness a variety of other fishes passing by casually.

  1. Tattooing

When compared to other sports in this particular list, tattooing might not seem audacious but penetrating thousand needles repeatedly on your skin obviously requires courage. Furthermore, the procedure provides something, which you can cherish forever. Now isn’t that simply amazing? It can enhance outer appearance and express suppressed emotions in absolutely no time. Even though there are many studios, try relying only on the best place to get a tattoo in Thailand, which assures quality along with affordability.

  1. Human Slingshot

Human slingshot, practiced in Pattaya generally, is believed to be an actual version of the very popular game- ‘Angry Birds’. For launch, a person is stretched back in a horizontal direction of course, and then he or she is released with immense speed. Do not miss your chance of feeling like a superhero.

  1. Zip lining

Zip lining is ideal if you would like to try something exciting yet not quite intense. It could also be performed by people from all age groups. Well, you would get an exceptional opportunity to swing between two treetops at a rapid pace. The smell of Thailand’s jungle would surely tantalise your overall senses for better.

  1. Rock Climbing

Thailand’s breathtaking limestone cliffs are a paradise for every rock climber. You have to hike through lush greenery and cross turquoise coloured lakes before actually mounting on these craggy rocks. Remember never to indulge in this particular without former training. There are plenty courses catering to diverse individual requirements as well as expectations.

  1. Fly boarding

Have you ever thought of acquiring powers of both Aquaman and Superman simultaneously? Well, fly boarding can let you live your dream easily. A person flies over water because of a massive jet spray attached to his or her feet only to fall back and jump again. This sport has great resemblance to the way dolphins move.

Undertaking more or less all activities stated above would rejuvenate your spirits, and enrich a Thailand trip to a great extent.

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