Is it a good choice to invest in Kolkata?

Investment is something which is done by every individual for future benefits. It is a process of investing money for profits. Investors invest money with an aim of getting sky-high returns as fast as possible without losing much of their principal amount. Therefore, they always search for top investment plans where they can double their money in few months or years without much risk.

Risks and returns are inversely related; higher the returns, higher are the risk. Hence, before you invest your hard earned money in any avenues, make sure you are aware of the amount of risks associated with that product.

There are two buckets of investment avenues – financial and non-financial assets. Financial assets are – stocks, mutual funds, public provident fund, bank fixed deposits and non-financial assets are – gold and real estates.

What are the benefits of investing in real estate properties?

Investment in any avenues always has pros and cons; so as real estate investment. The advantages of owing a property outweigh all other disadvantages and people choosing real estate investment over all other cash investments. The benefits listed are –

  1. Reliable and steady cash flow – People will always need place to live and therefore, demand of real estate properties will always be on rise. It is an investment which assures a steady and reliable cash flow. With right investment property, investors can use the cash in funding or maintaining other investment properties.
  2. Tax benefits – Real estate investments give you a wide range of tax deductions for rental properties as well as depreciation.
  3. Leverage – Real estate investors make more money compared to any other investors is leverage. A house investor makes greater return on investment compared to others.
  4. Mortgage – Though the process of approval for an investment property mortgage takes time, the inconvenience will be overshadowed by the kind of return on investment you will enjoy.

Moreover, if you get the right tenant for your rental property, your mortgage will be paid by your tenant.

  1. Appreciation – If the location chosen by you for investing in property becomes a happening one, your property price is bound to appreciate. Moreover, if your property is well maintained and interior of your flat is repaired/renovated, you will definitely get tenants with higher rents.

For eg: The township of Rajarhat in Kolkata has observed many upcoming commercial and residential properties in recent years, If you are planning to invest in such a lucrative location, your property will definitely appreciate in the near future.

What are the benefits of investing in residential properties in Kolkata?

Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal is considered as the third most densely populated city in India after Delhi and Mumbai. Being a commercial capital of eastern India, Kolkata has emerged as the key center for business, financial activities and IT hub of the region. With growing population, demand of real estate properties have grown extensively and Kolkata has turned it into a city with high profits along with stability.

Developed in a planned way, Kolkata offers a wide variety of housing options right from affordable to premium and luxury. Kolkata is observing continuous growth in all real estate segments due to the healthy participation from the investors.

Due to the improved connectivity, affordable land, upcoming infrastructures, metro rail investors are keen to invest in new townships like Rajarhat, New Town, Garia, New Garia, Joka and so on.

Investors are leaving no stone unturned in booking their apartments in Rajarhat. Kolkata is witnessing a rise in the number of bookings and enquiries.

Why buyers are choosing Kolkata as a city for investment?

Below discussed are some of the reasons of choosing Kolkata as the city of investment:

  1. Affordability – Young home buyers purchase apartments for the purpose of investment. Delhi NCR and Mumbai are the cities which have observed extensive growth in real estate properties. Demands of properties are high and so are the prices. Every section of people has difficulty in residing in these cities due to high cost of living. In comparison to these cities, cost of living in Kolkata is affordable and properties are available at a reasonable rate. People can still afford to buy luxury flats in Rajarhat which are built near the central business districts so that people can reach their offices on time.
  1. Amenities – Kolkata is not a backbencher when you talk about amenities.

As far as education is concerned, you will have the opportunity to educate your kids in the top schools. For recreation, there are shopping malls, museums, parks, multiplexes etc. Chains of supermarkets are available in the city where you can buy luxury items as well as your daily needs. Don’t have to travel to Mumbai or Delhi for your treatment as there are hospitals and healthcare centers having experienced and professional doctors.

  1. Infrastructure – Kolkata is a city developed in a planned manner providing good communication. There are flyovers, metro rails which allows you to reach your destination on time. Also, buses ply at regular intervals to ensure people do not face difficulties in travelling from one part of the city to the other. Builders have chosen to build flats in Rajarhat in such a location where you can avail the transport facilities easily.
  1. Business and employment opportunities – As Kolkata is a city for commoners, most investors are choosing this city for investing. More commuting from one place to another is smooth due to the planned infrastructure. Because of the growing interest of the investors, IT companies and other business firms are also investing in this city of Joy. Existing IT companies are expanding their ventures, employment opportunities are increasing.

If you are a well qualified engineer, there is no dearth of employment opportunities in Kolkata. The IT-hub of Salt Lake City and SEZ areas of Rajarhat and New Town houses the offices of many reputed multinational and national companies.

  1. Security – Unlike Delhi, Kolkata is considered to be a safer city for women. Areas like Rajarhat, New Town, Salt Lake are patrolled by city police. Even builders are also providing CCTV cameras within the society for security of a single woman.

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