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How to Make Your Custom Lash Box’s First Impression Count?


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FACT—Packaging is your silent salesman. It’s your last chance to convince your customers to buy from you. So it’s important that your packing should form a lasting first impression.

Unfortunately, it takes customers only a few milliseconds to form the first impression of your custom lash boxes. That’s way too quick before one can realize what is actually in front of them and they have already formed an impression. Yet, the first impression is paramount, especially when it comes to delivering excellent customer experience.

However, when you aim to win customer loyalty, brands and retailers are often led to believe that speed, price, and convenience are of supreme importance. But, this isn’t exactly true. To win customer loyalty, you need to:

  • Establish Connection With Your Audience
  • Represent Your Core Brand Values
  • Be Elegant and Not Trashy

Establish Connection with Your Audience

Custom lash packaging is something that is often overlooked by retailers. Still, the most underestimated piece of your marketing puzzle and customer experience make your product’s first impression count. It is the key to improving the buying experience right from the beginning. It’s the cherry on the top and first insight into what your brand is all about. More importantly, it helps reinforce your brand identity and considered the best tool to surprise and delight your target audience.

You can find a plethora of unboxing videos on social websites that have got literally millions of views. So in an era when packaging or unboxing is readily desired, one shouldn’t hesitate to personalize their custom lash boxes. First-rate packaging helps you create a wow factor and establish an instant connection with your intended customers.

Represent Your Core Brand Values

Branding or customizing your lash boxes with your brand name and logo is a no-brainer when it comes to marketing your product. A lot of you might think it’s just a logo, but to tell you the truth, personalizing goes way deeper than just being a brand logo. It’s the prime real estate of your branding and an excellent reinforcement of authenticity.

Ever seen an Apple packaging? It’s one of those rare clean, crisp, and easy-to-open packaging that the tech giant is leveraging for years to give its users the perfect opening experience every time they purchase a new Apple product. The contemporary packaging of the Cupertino-based firm justifies hundreds of dollars you’ve paid out for their product.

This shows that quality packaging communicates prestige and value. In fact, some customers are of the view that premium packaging is like receiving a gift. The right packing exudes the element and sensation of surprise, which helps surpass customers’ expectation.

Be Elegant and Not Trashy

A white plastic bag will allow your product to go where it needs to go, cost-effectively and functionally, but if you sell eyelashes or other beauty products, it will completely ruin your first impression. A furrowed plastic satchel screams cheap, disposable and nasty. And no one would want their brand to be associated with something like this.

In contrast, custom printed lash boxes will resonate with your target audience by making your brand look more tangible. A valuable investment for the creation of quality encasing will not only align with your brand values but also advocate your product’s history and future perception.

For instance, if your beauty brand is heavily focused on being organic there is no harm in making your packaging 100 percent recyclable. You can also run a competition on your Facebook and promote it through your packaging and best hashtags. All this is free advertising which eventually leads your company to success.


All in all, never take bespoke packaging too lightly as it has the power to carry your brand and story right into the arms of your intended audience. Think judiciously when designing your packaging. It will help you create a unique unboxing experience. And in this age, it’s what’s on the outside that counts!

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