Have You Been a Victim of a Rear-end Car Accident? Here Are Some Insights!

    Any car crash, major or minor, will cause distress regardless of its impact in terms of the length of time. Sometimes, you don’t witness any visible damage, but a sense of shock grips your mind and heart. Among multi-vehicle collisions, rear-end collisions are most common, forming around 29% of total cases. The chances of injuries are also higher. Studies suggest about 85% of neck injuries in car accidents are caused by this type of incident. That’s why one must file a lawsuit against the liable party. Since it’s a legal process, adhering to all the personal injury laws relevant to car accidents is essential. Doing everything alone can be a mistake, as the scope of committing an error is always high without guidance.

    You can contact car accident lawyers San Diego for help. They will safely navigate you through the entire legal system, securing the best compensation for your damages. Let’s understand some of the nitty-gritty of car accidents to save oneself from unnecessary troubles during a crisis.

    • Factors to impact compensation claims

    In California, the court follows the comparative negligence rules, which hold drivers of the rear and front vehicles accountable, even though the driver of the rear car is at fault. Road conditions are also considered, including urban and rural settings. Every driver in this American state should have at least some liability insurance. However, a few drivers opt for optimum policy limits. So, it can also change the settlement dynamics. Other things that can potentially increase or decrease compensation include medical expenses, judges, injuries, lost income, emotional and physical distress, lawsuit filing deadline, lawyer’s negotiation power, etc.

    • The elements of rear-end car accidents

    A rear-end automobile accident occurs when a trailing vehicle runs into a car in the front. Due to the impact, passengers of the front vehicle can be forced back into their seats before getting pushed forward as the driver pulls the brakes. Occupants of the rear car deal with the opposite force as their body moves forward and then whips backward as the car stabilizes. Nevertheless, such jerking movements often lead to neck and back injuries, with the spinal cord becoming the most vulnerable. Whipping motion can also threaten brain health with contusion or concussion. While the car at the back can cushion passengers with the airbag, the leading car occupants may not get this support. When hit from behind, most cars don’t have this mechanism to inflate airbags. Due to this, their face and head remain exposed to trauma.

    • Common mistakes made by rear-end car accident victims 

    Some drivers admit their faults or make imprudent statements without evaluating their impact on the case. You can avoid this by sticking to the facts during interrogation or investigation. Delaying or neglecting medical attention is another major pitfall. Insurance companies can deny a fair amount due to the lack of supporting evidence that otherwise had proved your injuries. Timely medical help also allows you to provide legal systems with adequate records of your injuries and the treatment cost.  

    Remember, it’s easy to obtain compensation when you work with an experienced car accident lawyer on your case. The experts can prevent insurance companies from taking undue advantage of your situation by offering a lower amount. So, consult an attorney if you face a rear-end accident due to speeding, distracted driving, or aggressive driving.


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