Are you a lover of watching videos online? Well, you may know about the tubemate application because it helps users to download videos from several internet sites including Youtube. This popular video downloads free app is accessible easily on your smartphone. However, you should download the device compatible version to enjoy hassle-free access. In online, you will find a tubemate download for android 4.2.2 free and other latest version of the application, which has improved in certain features and added benefits.

What is tubemate?

People who love to download and watch online videos on their smartphone must have this attractive app. It is extremely known as the popular video download app for the cell phones. Apart from supporting video download from Youtube platform, it also supports to download from Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, and several websites. Tubemate is officially available only for android device. For user betterment, Tubemate developers constantly release the new version of the app such as tubemate download for android 5.1.1 free.

Interesting features makes tubemate popular

Tubemate comes along with several interesting features, which makes the application worthy and beneficial to download on your smartphone. Below mentioned are some of the best reasons to download this application on your device.

Download multiple files simultaneously

Of course, downloading one video after another one can be burdensome. Have you ever thought how great downloading multiple files at once? If yes, then tubemate will make your wish possible. Yes, this popular mobile application helps you download more than 10video files on the single go without any restrictions and hassles. This is the major reason for many people love to have tubemate on their mobile.

Downloading multiple files at one time will save your time and improve video watching experience because you need not wait for another video download to complete. Additionally, you have an option to watch videos from Youtube or other popular sites. However, this can remove previous data that are unnecessary for the important task in the future. Apart from watching videos online, you can able to download it for offline viewing and save your data.

Format converter

The days are gone when the download of audio of the Youtube video is only possible. This is highly helpful for those who love to have music on their device. However, you need a computer to download the file and then transferred to your mobile using software or USB cable. Tubemate now eliminates the need of a computer to do so.

In case, you love a video but need audio alone, you can download the tubemate apk file and then install it on your phone. After starting the app, you can easily locate and download the video you wish. Upon the completion of video download, explore the download menu and hit it to bring up menu option. In which, tap on the convert to MP3 or even save as MP3.

Besides, plenty of features and functionalities make the tubemate popular in the ground even after the arrival of several videos downloading applications.

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