An Overview Of Gamma Knife For Brain Tumour Surgery

Worldwide gamma knife surgery is considered to be one of the best mechanisms to deal with radiosurgery. A lot of people do confuse it with a knife but it is not so.  Around 192 beams of rays go on to destroy the cancer cells via the method of radiation. The major risks along with the physical trauma of the conventional form of surgery are removed with the help of a gamma knife. The benefit of this surgery is that it is proved to be beneficial in treating many disorders that were considered to be untreatable till now.

Before you are opting for this surgery there are a number of factors you would need to take into account. Let us go through them in details

  • A couple of days before the surgery the patient has to pay a visit to the hospital. This would be to conduct the blood tests and have a meeting with the doctors who will be performing the procedure.  A meeting with a radiation oncologist and a neurosurgeon would be scheduled at this point of time as well.
  • Then part of the treatment the patient is fit into a gamma knife or a head helmet. The head of the patient is being held still until the tumour of the patient is being mapped with the help of MRI or CT scan images. As part of the 3D modeling stimulator, the images are being downloaded and this works out to be part of the treatment plan.
  • The patient is going to record the medical history of the patient, then conduct a detailed physical examination and the necessary consent has to be obtained to undergo the procedure.
  • It has been observed that during the course of the procedure the physician is going to play an active role in monitoring the condition of the patient. They are going to check out the progress of the patient.

Once the procedure is complete, then you expect the head frame to be removed. In case if you have been part of an angiogram them you would need to lie down quietly for a few hours. Some patients do go on to experience a mild headache or swelling where the head frame is being attached. If there is any problem they have to report. Ideally, the doctor would tell you that whether you should stay in the hospital for a few days in terms of observation. They will also tell you whether you can go home straight away or not. Whatever way is followed you can return back to the normal routine work in the new few days.

Any impact of the treatment will take so in the days to come. With the help of radiation treatments, the tumors are being stopped. What it does mean is that the effect will be seen over the period of next few months or weeks. The doctor is going to be in touch with you oin order to find out the progress for gamma knife for brain treatment cost in India.

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