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8 Research-based Logo Design Tips You Shouldn’t Miss In 2019

A logo is the visual representation of a company. It is something that makes a brand identity for a business. A well-designed logo helps in boosting awareness, improve the market and convey the right message of the company.

Alternate to that, a poorly designed logo have a negative impact on the brand and can easily tarnish a business. When you remove the logo trends from logo designing, a logo should be versatile, timeless, easy to recognize and should contain the essence of the company at its core.

Whether you are creating a logo for your new business or considering to rebrand, your logo should be fresh and relevant for an extended period of time. It enables the brand to stay at the top along with creating hype among the customers.

Here are eight innovative logo design trends that are followed by online logo design maker tool by Design Iconic in 2019.

Simple logos

Business startups usually opt for simple logos. Simple logos are easy to understand and depict the creativity of the designer. Statics show that a large number of renowned brands are opting for simpler logos for the very reason. It is more beneficial for companies to choose to showcase creativity in simple designs as they are more difficult to make. However, it has become an easier task for the designers as they are already creative and just have to think outside the box to design something exceptional.

The new logos of MasterCard and the Athens recorder are the perfect examples of the companies rebranding their logo designs according to the modern trend of simple logos.

Hand drawn designs

This design trend has been at its peak since 2016. The first hand-drawn logo that was seen was of Coca-Cola. Hand-drawn designs are said to add charm and personality to the brand. They are self-explanatory, and no doubt needs a lot of efforts and skills to draw a perfect logo. The ultimate result of a hand-drawn logo can be both unique and captivating. Many companies have tried to come up with a design like Coca-Cola’s, but they could never come up with a similar form.

Simplified color palette

Colors can create a significant effect on the minds of the people. In the modern times, it is important for a logo designer to understand the color code and what influences and emotions it evokes in the consumers. Too many colors can easily irritate the viewer and distract them for the original purposes of the logo. An example of this logo design can be Microsoft. Since its initiation, it has changed many logos, and every design was better and different from the previous one.   

Shapes and geometry

Logos are after all symbols, and geometric shapes work as amazing symbols. It is a popular trend mainly among construction companies as it gives a proper meaning to their logos. Apart from that, if you are trying to make the sleek and hi-tech impression, you can consider this trend to create your logo. Companies like Apple play with geometrical shapes to give a more tech-savvy and digitalized look to the logo.

Detailed vintage

Vintage designs were typically used by companies involved in making food and beverages. Vintage logo designs give an impression of artisan, hand-crafted and quality products, and natural, organic, house-made products and businesses greatly benefit from this trend. An example of it can be the Quaker brand. The image of the man has added a modern look to the logo while still being a vintage design.

Playful designs

Logos with a sense of motion can have a significant impact on the audience. Designers play with innovative concepts and put in the sense of movement in the logo design. A great example of this trend is twitter. Previously, twitters logo design depicted a bird flying in a steady motion, but in the recent time, it represents an ascending look of the bird showing the continuous progress of the brand itself.

Simple typography

Simple typography has always been in trend. It creates a great representation of the brand which is easy to understand. Brands like uber have rebranded their logos, just to move away for the tarnished and broken reputation. Modern yet straightforward typography can make your logo contemporary and give a modern facelift to your brand.

Perspective logo design

These logos play with perspective challenging the norms of traditional logo designs. Designers overemphasize certain elements to highlight specific qualities of a logo in the most unexpected ways possible. Microsoft rebranded its logo design that plays with perspective logos to create eye-catching designs for the brand.

Companies who have the budget hire designers to recreate their designs, but companies who are still struggling to make a brand identity use logo makes online to generate amazing logos for their company. Although these logos are not as innovative as those designed by a professional, they are reliable to represent a company and grab the attention of potential customers.

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