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6 Different Careers in the Music Business

Are you looking to get into the music industry?

Careers in the music business can be hard to come by. In fact, you’ve probably been told you need to be a music business major. Some companies used to demand entry-level applicants have experience before they even land their first job.

Well, that’s often not the case anymore. It is actually more accessible now than it has ever been to work in the music business worldwide.

Keep reading to learn about six different music business jobs that might be right for you.

1. Music Producer

Unlike ten or twenty years ago, becoming a music producer has become far easier with access to music production software readily available to anyone with a computer.

Even free tools like Garageband on the Mac allow for young, up-and-coming producers the opportunity to create their music faster than ever and sell it to artists for a royalty share.

If you would like to be a music producer, you don’t need a music business degree. Just look into learning the fundamentals of production, like engineering and mixing.

2. Session Musician

Being a session musician will give you the chance to record in a studio and perform live with various artists.

As a session musician, you will have the freedom to play with different bands, play different genres and have a lot of fun without the pressure of being the face of the band.

There is so much session work for skilled musicians, and it can often lead you to a full-time position in a band if that’s something you want.

3. Talent Manager

If you are a great negotiator who loves to connect with new people, talent management might be perfect for you. It will be your sole responsibility as a talent manager to create opportunities for your artists and grow their careers.

When it comes to talent management, strong manager and leadership skill are critical. You will negotiate deals, sell your artists to the world, and regularly deal with publishers.

4. Tour Manager

Tour managers are responsible for every piece of a band’s tour, including transport, hotels, money, and keeping the band organized and in line with the schedule.

You will need to be a motivated, driven person who knows the music industry in detail and is happy to micro-manage the ins and outs of a band’s tour.

5. Booking Agent

As a booking agent, it will be your responsibility to get your artist booked for gigs. For example, if Coachella, Lollapalooza, you will be required to negotiate a deal to get your artists on the bill.

Also, if your artist is getting ready for their tour, you will be responsible for finding and arranging all the venues for the tour and working with marketing teams to get the venue filled.

6. Music Publicist

As a music publicist, you will work with marketers, venue management, and the media to get their artist’s big announcements pushed out to the public.

You will be responsible for maintaining your artist’s image and ensuring that anything written increases the publics’ awareness of them. Therefore, you need to understand fundamental public relations tasks, network with the media, and help your artist build promotional platforms like Creative Community For Peace.

Careers in the Music Business

There is a lot of information regarding careers in the music business, which can often get overwhelming. We this article has helped you make sense of the different opportunities available to you.

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