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6 Benefits of Cloud Storage for Small Businesses


Cyber crimes are on the rise across the globe. In fact, more than half of all small businesses in the United States alone suffer from some kind of data breach each year.

As a business owner, it’s your job to protect the sensitive information your company relies on. If you’re still using in-house computers and physical files, doing so can be tough.

Making the switch to cloud-based storage solutions is one of the best things you can do for your company and your bottom line. If you’re on the fence about making the transition, don’t panic. Here are a few key benefits of cloud storage that you’ll experience when you switch.

1. The Cloud Frees up Physical Space

As a business owner, you store tons of files and information at your company. In most cases, those files take up tons of space either in filing cabinets or on computers.

The more files you have, the more space you need to accommodate information storage.

If you’re like most business owners, space is almost always at a premium. You never seem to have enough when all you’re trying to do is grow your company and increase your revenue.

Cloud-based storage allows you to free up space otherwise occupied by filing cabinets and additional computers. Instead of having to store physical documents or information on-site, you’ll be able to keep it safe in a digital database.

That database lives on the hosting company’s servers and is accessible through the internet. You’ll have access to your files at all times but won’t have to worry about making space at your business to house those files.

2. You’ll Improve Security

Believe it or not, keeping information secure even in your office space isn’t always feasible. Unauthorized users can access information in filing cabinets or on in-house computers with ease. Hackers can break into your databases and steal sensitive client information with a few keystrokes.

Once those security compromises happen, you risk losing customers, facing lawsuits, and dealing with all sorts of trouble trying to clear things up.

When you use a cloud storage service, you’re able to improve security without making any changes yourself. The hosting company invests in the latest security software and monitoring efforts to reduce the risk of information theft.

They’ll stay up to date on the latest security measures so you can keep your information safe with confidence for years to come. You won’t have to worry about learning new programs or hiring new IT experts to help.

3. It’s Accessible Anywhere

One of the biggest advantages of cloud storage is that you can access files and information anywhere. You don’t have to be in the office, scanning through files on your computer or pulling information from a filing cabinet.

All you have to do is log into your account and search for the files you need from any internet-enabled device. This means you can access information from your home or remote location of your choice. You’ll be able to do it without compromising the security of your information.

If you have a distributed workforce or tend to travel for work often, cloud storage makes accessing important files easy.

4. Cloud Data Storage Makes Sharing Files Easy

It’s normal for different departments and individuals to need access to the same types of information throughout the day. If you’re dealing with physical files, you have to either share access with those other people or split your time reviewing the information you need when other teams are working on other things.

This makes it hard to stay productive and get things done in a timely manner.

When you store your files in the cloud, you’re able to share files with the push of a button. Even better, more than one person can access the same file at the same time as long as they have the right credentials.

If your business relies on interdepartmental collaboration, this will make things much easier.

5. It Grows With Your Business

As your business grows, your information storage needs will grow, too. The larger you get, the more space you’ll need to maintain a traditional filing system.

If you’re dealing with an already tight office space, this can slow your growth in the long run.

Cloud-based storage doesn’t rely on physical space inside your building. Further, the storage space you have access to is only limited by the size of your subscription.

If you need to store more data as your business grows, all you have to do is to let your storage provider know. They’ll be able to adjust your plan and give you a larger storage capacity in a matter of minutes.

You’ll be able to grow without worrying about finding space for additional files and sensitive information.

6. Cloud Storage Saves You Money

It should come as no surprise that storing files on-site costs your business money. The more files you have and the more you need to grow your storage capacity, the more money you’ll have to spend on the necessary equipment.

Cloud storage providers can save you money in the long run. Though you’ll pay for the storage you use, you won’t have to worry about acquiring new equipment throughout the year.

Over the course of the year, you’ll spend less on cloud storage. Even better, you’ll spare yourself the frustration of having to sort through physical files anytime you need information.

See the Benefits of Cloud Storage for Yourself

These are just a few of the benefits of cloud storage that you’ll experience once you make the switch. If you’re ready to streamline your business and improve your bottom line, ditch the physical files and embrace cloud-based technology.

The sooner you do, the easier it will be for you to access the information you need when you need it.

Just make sure to choose a cloud-based storage provider you can trust. Shop around and compare the plans offered by several companies. Once you find the one you like, sign up and start the migration process.

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