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What Kind of Material Can Be Used on the Exterior of Your Home?

When you are in the process of building or reinventing your home, many homeowners and builders wonder what kind of material will be the best option for their home. Style and durability are huge factors that come into play when making these decisions, and it is important to know what materials are available to use and what will work the best for your specific situation. Whether you are going for a modern look or you are hoping for the most study materials, there is a kind of exterior material that can be the most beneficial for most any type of situation. For many people, they are looking for the material that is going to last the longest – while others may be looking for just what is going to look the best. Whatever the case may be for your home and preferences, there is a material that will work for you based on all the different types of materials that can be used on the exterior of your home.

Aluminum and Wood

A classic material, as well as a more rustic look, is what you will be getting when you look into siding your home with either wood or aluminum. There are many different factors to consider when trying to pick the perfect fit for your home. Be sure to consider the average and extreme temperatures of the area in which you live. Think of the conditions that the siding of your home may come across, such as harsh winters, heavy rainstorms, large hail storms, frequent wind storms, intense sunlight, or even ocean and sea spray. All of these factors will play a role in which siding is going to be the best fit. Aluminum and wood siding can often be a cheaper option and has the capacity to last around 20-40 years depending on the certain conditions that your home is around frequently. These can last a long time when they are well maintained and ofer a lightweight option for the exterior of your home. 

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Vinyl Siding

One of the most common exterior siding options that many homeowners choose to go with is the bulk vinyl siding. This siding tends to be the least expensive of all of the options available and offers a versatile and modern look that fit almost any home of structure. Able to withstand all different kinds of weather, this option makes for a good choice for many different types of homes and their specific locations. There is a wide range of styles available to choose from with vinyl siding, making it ideal for any of you personal style and taste preferences. This also makes it a flexible option for those who might not be quite sure of what they are wanting the exterior of their home to look like. There is some limited maintenance to help make this siding last and can typically last up to 60 or more years depending on extreme weather conditions and frequency of regular maintenance to maintain its quality. 

Stucco Siding

Stucco tends to be a popular choice amongst those looking for this specific kind of texture and aesthetic to their exterior of their home. Many homes use stucco siding for its pleasing look and insulating nature, causing it to be a good fit for many different kinds of homes. The average lifespan for stucco that is being well taken care of can easily last for up to 50 years, making it a convenient choice for those hoping to have their exteriors last for a long while. Stucco can be commonly found in places where temperatures rise very high because it does not expand in the heat, making it an ideal exterior material. This siding will require maintenance, but little maintenance can go a long way and make the exterior of your home look amazing. Whether you are going for style or lifespan, there is an exterior siding material for you that is bound to be the perfect material for your home! 

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