Digital MarketingWhat is the Use of IFP Panels in Online Classes?

What is the Use of IFP Panels in Online Classes?

What is the IFP Panel?

An interactive flat panel, also known as an IFP, is a large-format touchscreen display that allows the user to interact with digital content in real time. It combines the functions of a whiteboard, a projector, and a computer. To improve communication, efficiency, and learning, IFP panels are designed to provide environments for collaboration and interaction. These digital boards are used in the classroom for interactive lectures and presentations.

The revolution of online classes

Online courses have caught the attention of many students as they offer the ability to study almost anywhere, and this is becoming one of the main incentives for schools and universities to offer online courses. In the traditional classroom, the teacher’s ability to interact with students is often limited due to space and resources. However, with the introduction of online courses, geographical barriers have dissolved, creating a more engaging learning environment for students.

In this revolution, Interactive Flat Panel Display(IFP) serves as a cornerstone by providing educators with a dynamic platform to deliver engaging content remotely and enhance the engagement and interaction between educators and students in the virtual classroom setting.

Use of IFP Panels in Online Classes?

Here are some uses of IFPs-

  1. To Promote collaboration

IFP panels allow teachers and students to interact and contribute to the same screen during classes. It facilitates group activities and encourages teamwork and collaboration among students. This helps them work together on projects and assignments, and they can also share ideas, and get feedback from each other.

  1. To Make learning more accessible

Digital Boards are equipped with high-resolution displays and touchscreen features that make it easier for teachers and students of all ages and abilities to interact with lesson materials and teach them during online classes without any problem. 

  1. To streamline lesson planning
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During online classes, it is needed to save lesson material so students can see it again whenever they miss class where the digital board helps. Teachers can easily create and save lesson materials directly on the IFP panel, reducing the need for printed materials and streamlining the planning process. The ability to access online resources and tools directly from the IFP also saves time and simplifies lesson planning. 

  1. To provide access to resources

IFP panels offer access to a wide range of educational resources, including educational apps, websites, and online learning platforms. It helps teachers to access and display multimedia materials, such as videos, images, and presentations, providing a more engaging learning environment.

  1. To create a lively classroom

The interactive nature of IFP panels makes lessons more engaging and interactive for students, creating a lively classroom environment. The use of Interactive flat panel displays can also make learning more fun and enjoyable for students, increasing their motivation and participation in class.

What are the Different Sizes of Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFP)?

IFP panels come in various sizes, from small 55” panels to large 1100″ panels. What size you need will depend on preference and budget. Here are some sizes:

Interactive Flat Panel 55 inch

Gladwin IFP 55’ comes with a 4K display, a powerful processor, and different features that make it easy to use and manage.  A 55-inch panel size is a good size, for most classrooms, but you may require a larger size if you have lots of students or if you, want to display lots of information at once. 

Interactive Flat Panel 65 Inch

The Interactive Display Panel 65’ is the appropriate option if you want to teach in an online class. It features a high-quality resolution that helps users view clear and sharp images and an anti-glare coating, which prevents glare on screens from bright lights.

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Interactive Flat Panel 75

The Interactive flat panel display of 75-inch is a perfect addition to a hybrid classroom, as it will be large enough for everyone to see clearly. It offers a high-quality 4K UHD display with a wide viewing angle and excellent color reproduction that makes it perfect during classes.

Interactive Flat Panel 86

A Digital Board of size 86-inch with a 4K Ultra HD resolution is a well-suited option for taking online classes. With a large screen, you can easily share presentations, documents, and other visual aids with your students. It can be especially helpful for subjects that require a lot of visual understanding, such as math, science, and engineering.

Interactive Flat Panel 98

The Interactive Display Panel 98 is a professional-grade display designed for use in education or other professional settings. Gladwin’s IFP 98-inch size has a 4K UHD resolution, multi-touch support, and built-in speakers. But make sure you have the space for it, this size is quite large.

Interactive Flat Panel 110

Gladwin Interactive display 110 inch is a large-size display with a built-in camera, allowing users to capture photos and videos. It has a wide range of connectivity options such as USB ports, HDMI inputs, and Wi-Fi. Ensure that you have adequate space to accommodate this display size.

Prices can vary for IFP panels with different sizes. An average, Smart interactive whiteboard price in India can be around ₹20,000 for smaller screens to feature-packed models exceeding ₹1 lakh for larger sizes with advanced functionalities depending on the brand.

Best IFP Panel Manufacturing Company

Gladwin Group, a leading manufacturer of Interactive flat panel displays, stands out as the best choice as it is designed specifically for the education sector. The IFP panel from Gladwin Group features an interactive touch screen, built-in speakers a microphone, and a wide range of software options that make it an ideal choice for virtual classrooms. We offer a wide range of IFP sizes and features to meet your specific needs and budget. Investing in the best interactive flat panels like Gladwin will not only revolutionize the way teachers teach but will also motivate students to expand their learning experience. 

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Final Discussion

The use of interactive flat panel displays has become an essential tool in online classes. With advanced interactive features and user-friendly interfaces, IFP panels are perfect for enhancing the learning experience and boosting student engagement. It will also create an environment of collaboration, engagement, and quality education. The interactive panel from the Gladwin Group is an invaluable tool for classrooms.

Frequently Asked Questions-

  1. What are the benefits of IFP?

Interactive flat panels (IFPs) offer numerous benefits for teaching like real-time collaboration, interactive content, digital annotations, multimedia integration, interactive quizzes, gesture-based learning, session documentation, supporting remote learning, and much more.

  1. Which is the ideal size of IFP for online classes?

For taking online classes a 65-inch and 75-inch digital panel is the most popular and appropriate choice.

  1. Can I connect my devices to the IFP?

Yes, Gladwin interactive flat panel display come with multiple connectivity options like HDMI, USB, and wireless connectivity.

  1. Can interactive flat panels be used for video conferencing?

Yes, most IFP panels are equipped with built-in cameras and microphones for seamless video conferencing.

  1. Can multiple users interact with the panel simultaneously?

Yes, with the touch-screen technology multiple users can interact with the display at the same time.

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