What Does the Online Live Blackjack Host Do?

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We’ve all seen the ‘live options’ on our favorite casino applications and platforms. This is where a real person (employed by the online casino) deals out the cards or plays the game with you, as opposed to just the computer. So what are they there to do and is there anything you need to look out for when you play Blackjack with a live dealer online?

Live Dealers Add Authenticity to Session

Playing online casino games can be a relatively lonely affair if you’re consistently against the computer. While the blackjack dealer isn’t going to be your next best friend, they add a certain amount of human company into the gaming session. They also can entertain the players with their commentary and spiel throughout the game as the hands play out. Some online gamblers look for these interactions over playing against the computer.

The Best Live Blackjack Dealers have Regular Players

Just like in land-based casinos, the best dealers and game hosts attract regular customers from players. Whether it’s simply being entertaining, amusing, or being responsive to user communications – such values can lead to more opportunities and we’ve found that these sites offer the best live blackjack casino hosts for you.

Aesthetic Differences

While you might think you’re selecting a different game when you choose the Live Blackjack game or the regular ‘against the computer’ blackjack option, however, the differences are mostly aesthetic. Online casinos and game software developers have their reputations hanging in the balance of how fair the games are. If the online versions aren’t behaving or paying out as frequently or in the same metrics as the live game, then they can get into serious trouble with the governing authorities as it is seen as an unfair game.

Therefore when you choose either the live dealer or other option, you’re getting a very similar product. Some users prefer the human aspect that the live dealer games possess while others enjoy the solitude of the other option.

Online Live Dealers are the Same as Casino Counterparts

While they are not in the same building as you, online blackjack dealers serve the same purpose who work in land-based casinosas their peers . They are there to play the game on behalf of the house and host the proceedings. There is usually a set system they are taught by their employer on how to play (after all they are playing with the establishment’s money) and this is often visible for all players to see. I.e. the table will say: Dealer Stands at 17. Therefore all players know how the dealer intends to play. If the online casino doesn’t say what the dealer will stand at, it doesn’t mean the site is hooky – but they are just a lot less transparent than the industry standard.

Anotherr parallel between the two counterparts is that both online and casino dealers must maintain a professional image throughout. That doesn’t mean they can’t be friendly with their players but they must still ensure that the game is executed to the highest standards.

Check the Stream and Interface

When you’ve decided upon a table you want to play at, then be sure to check a few attributes before gambling. Look at the quality of the stream from the live blackjack dealer. Are they and the cards completely visible? Are they performing from a professional setup or does it look like a dimly lit basement? If there is anything that doesn’t look quite right, leave the room and find another one that meets these quality expectations. If you wouldn’t want to gamble with this person in the real world, then don’t do it online.

Another point to ensure is working and the game is not rigged is that the software is working properly and fairly. If the dealer draws the 2 of Hearts, ensure that the same card is registered on the display. Dodgy sites can make up their results to ensure they always win. You can usually watch a few hands before having to bet yourself, so watch a few and have peace of mind that everything is above board.

Other Duties by the Dealer

As well as the direct live game responsibilities held by the dealer, they also have some non-visible duties – however are dependent on their employer. Most are told to watch the trends among the players and try to spot if anyone is maliciously playing or bending the rules.