Veteran Pilot Throws New Conspiracy Theory Why Malaysia MH370 Disappeared

    A former fighter pilot from Australia has released a brand new conspiracy idea regarding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 10 years ago. In the Sky News Australia documentary MH370: Ten Years On, some of experts decide on theories approximately the incident that happened on March 8 2014.

    Retired Qantas pilot and RAAF training captain Mike Glynn said passengers and crew could be helpless before they knew something was happening. One theory that has emerged is that this incident was the disappearance of another person’s life – suicide by captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah (53). However, authorities have never confirmed this claim.

    “So basically, to kill all the passengers, all he had to do was press a few buttons for just a few seconds?” asked Peter Stefanovic, host of the documentary.

    “Yeah. Made the door locked, so no one can get in. There’s nothing anyone can do,” answered Glynn.

    Glynn pointed to the aircraft’s air pressure outflow valve that controls the release of air. This valve controls cabin air pressure at¬†during the flight to create a comfortable and safe situation.

    “When you open this outflow valve, the plane depressurizes very rapidly,” he said, as quoted by Sky News.
    “If the plane doesn’t immediately move down, you will start to feel hypoxic within three or four minutes,” he continued.

    Conspiracy Theory Why Malaysia MH370 Disappeared

    Hypoxia is a situation when human body tissues do not get enough oxygen. This can cause nervousness and a rapid heartbeat before eventually losing consciousness.

    An incident like this occurred in 2005 when Helios Airways pilots failed to control cabin air pressure properly. All 121 passengers and cabin crew were unconscious before it crashed in Greece two hours later when the plane ran out of fuel.

    In the film, Stefanovic asks again about the plane’s cockpit door. He asked if the door was difficult to lock. Glynn even said the door wasn’t difficult to lock. He emphasized that the cockpit door was designed to protect passengers and cabin crew, following the hijacking of planes in the 9/11 attacks on the United States.

    “The door will close automatically and you can lock it with this switch,” Glynn said as an example.

    Meanwhile, Glynn also mentioned that there is a deadbolt method that prevents everything from entering the plane deck. This manner, Glynn said, any powerful attack aimed toward the cockpit door “wouldn’t be able to alternate anything.”

    Malaysia Airlines aircraft MH370 mysteriously disappeared from the sky on March eight 2014. The incident befell after the Boeing 777 plane departed from Kuala Lumpur carrying 227 passengers and 12 cabin crew.


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