Unleash Creativity with Hair Salon WordPress Themes


In modern times, creating a site for each business is crucial. This is what one needs to build a presence online and reach out to more audiences thus improving visibility. We are going to discuss how one can create a website with special reference to hair salons. In this paper, we shall talk about general advice and information on various CMSs and hosts as well as the pros of using hair salon WordPress themes.

How to Start an Online Presence

There are some general rules one should pay attention to while laying the foundation for website creation. It should start with defining the objective as well as the motives for why you are running the online presence. With this, it will be possible to determine the design, layouts, and functions needed. Second, you need a trusted hosting provider with great uptime, security, and technical support.

Let’s now go into more detail. There are some noteworthy CMS options when choosing one. Some of the most common CMSs include WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. However, all have their strong and weak sides, but among them, WordPress is the most friendly and functional one. On the Internet, it powers more than 40% of websites. Even more, its users can choose from thousands of themes and hundreds of plugins that make their sites special for their target customers.

In terms of hosting, many providers offer packages specifically for WordPress with automatic CMS installation and updates. The most popular hosting companies are BlueHost, HostPapa, and Dogado.

Reasons to Rely on WordPress

This is a viable solution, as it is easy to use and enjoys a strong following. Here are some of the benefits of using this content management system for your barbershop website:

  • User-Friendly: Users can easily update the site since WordPress is simple to use, even by saloon owners and employees who do not have technical skills. In particular, it has an intuitive dashboard that makes it possible to create simple content, photo uploads, and menu management.
  • Customization: There are several freemium and premium hairdresser themes you can choose from based on your brand and style. Themes have pre-designed layouts and barbershop-specific features like appointment schedulers, service menus, styled profiles, and so on.
  • SEO-Friendly: In addition, WordPress was designed keeping SEO in mind. To this end, it offers numerous tools to enhance your search engine optimization. This, therefore, improves organic traffic by giving you a better chance to rank high in the SERPs.
  • Mobile Responsive: Mobile responsiveness is an important consideration in our ever-changing and increasingly mobile-driven environment. Responsive layouts make sure your website appears good and operates well on every device ranging from mobile phones to laptops.
  • Extensibility: The CMS has a large collection of plugins, which enables one to incorporate other essential functions. With them, it’s easy to improve the user experience by integrating online booking systems, social media feeds, and customer reviews while making the parlor’s operations easy.

One must not overlook the disadvantages of using WP even though it is beneficial in many ways. Cons comprise compatibility problems among a few plugins and, for some, the learning barrier for enhanced customization.

Frequently Visited Hair Salon Websites: Inspirational Ideas

Want to look at some WordPress-powered hairdressing websites and get some ideas for your next web project? Then check out at least these three examples.

Jet Rhys

Jetrhys.com is a beauty parlor website. Visually, it is attractive with a widescreen homepage video that grabs visitors’ attention as it loads. Additionally, the site has a simple appointment form where individuals can book haircuts and hair coloring. The team members’ section depicts their expertise and professionalism. Plus, clients get an idea of their luxury services through an Instagram feed. The satisfied customers’ testimonials are displayed prominently, making people believe that the site is authentic. In all, the design demonstrates what JetRhys can achieve for its customers.

How to Create One – Jericho

Jericho is a sleek but modern theme for a barbershop. This demo has a clean, neat appearance that lets you show your services, team, and work samples. The theme has a fully responsive layout which makes your website beautiful on all devices. It also comes with Elementor and Jet plugins that will enable you to customize it to fit your brand. Jericho is simple in operation and possesses many practical facilities, for example, a facility for making an appointment, integration with social networks, and a blog area. This is a great way to improve your barbershop’s web presence.

Hair & Co BKLYN

Hairandcobklyn.com has a contemporary and stylish interface featuring a clear and straightforward presentation. The homepage carries a full-screen image showing the Brooklyn view, along with an easy-to-use menu for quick navigation. It describes in detail what the salon offers, the team behind the salon, and clients’ photos. They have attractive designs with uniform colors along with quality images. This site also has a blog part that provides advice and trends for hair styling as well. Therefore, overall, hairandcobklyn.com’s design is nice and simple to use.

How to Create One – Hairly

Hairly is a modern yet practical WordPress theme suitable for hair care businesses. It is convenient to display all the services that one offers at Hairly due to its minimalist design with a lot of white space. The template is built with Elementor Pro, which is provided for free and helps you create a professional and attractive site. Hairly has all the must-have features in place including appointment booking, price lists of services, testimonials, and blog sections for educating and entertaining your customers. Indeed, one does not need much to make a business popular in today’s world with such a modern layout.

Neville Hair and Beauty

Nevillehairandbeauty.net is designed with elegance and contemporary style which befits an upmarket business. The homepage has a big header that has various slides to showcase the services provided by the salon. Besides, there is primarily the use of white in the context of color scheme which makes it look sleek and dignified. It contains detailed information on services, stylists, and products. Furthermore, it has a feature for online booking, a blog containing beauty tips and trends, and a photo gallery of their images. In general, nevillehairandbeauty.net accurately portrays the salon’s luxurious ambiance and professional outlook.

How to Create One – Stylone

Stylone is a trendy WP theme that will give an edgy look to your hair salon’s site. This elegant demo comes in a sleek and pastel design that is ideal for a hairdresser, beauty spa, or wellness center. You can also customize it with an array of powerful plugins like JetElements, JetThemeCore, JetTricks, and JetBlocks that give you a chance to add attractive visual effects. It is also compatible with WPML thus making it easy for you to translate your site into different languages. In the end, your website with Stylone must be attractive to make your customers interested and keep them there.


Having a hairdressing website ensures the building of a strong online profile as well as boosting clients’ numbers. It would be easy to build a website by using WordPress because it has an intuitive user interface, many modifying options, and very large community support.

Even more, with the hair salon WordPress themes, it is easy to create a good-looking site with images about what you offer customers to get some new ones. Nevertheless, careful consideration should be given before deciding on your web design. If done successfully, your site can become very handy. That is why we demonstrated some of the successful sites that could serve as inspiration for you. Good luck with site-building!

Discover More Latest WP Themes

This video reviews some of TemplateMonster‘s top WordPress 6.2 layouts. Explore an array of captivating and adaptable templates, including hair salon WordPress themes, that will boost the efficiency and the visual appeal of your site. These 11 demos have varied customization choices as well as features that will easily give your site a professional and aesthetic appearance when creating one for e-commerce or blogging.


Can one make a website using WordPress hair salon themes without any coding experience?

Yes. The WP dashboard is made for users with no prior programming know-how. An attractive feature here is an easy-to-use interface for making and handling content as well as designing a webpage.

What are the strengths of the best hair salon WordPress themes?

Above all, the themes comprise ready-made designs. Also, they have features for hair salon appointments, service menus, galleries/portfolios, and price lists, among others.

Is it possible for me to personalize beauty salon website templates?

Can we say that hair salon WordPress themes are so customizable? It is easy to convert colors, fonts, and design pages as well as add or delete any section that will suit your brand and style.

Does WordPress entail any current expenses for my hair salon site?

Indeed, one will need to pay for some tools such as premium themes or plugins, and also web hosting. Before deciding on the budget, you must be aware of such costs involved in running a website.