BusinessTypes of Freight Forwarders To Learn About

Types of Freight Forwarders To Learn About

Freight forwarders are used by companies to transfer materials to different places. They specialize in transferring both big and small at cheaper rates.

Canadian freight forwarder reaches your materials to its decided location on time. They play an important role in the logistics industry, and companies require their services for fast and hassle-free transfer.

Many freight forwarder services are out there and they cater to your transfer requirements. It is important to understand the types of freight forwarders to make an informed decision.

Air Freight Forwarder

An air freight forwarder transfers materials via air. It is the fastest transfer route, and ideal for transferring precious materials, small cargo, and perishable items.

The air freight forwarder has two types – deferred and direct. A direct flight helps reach your items to their final place via a scheduled flight. A deferred service unloads and reloads items a few times, before boarding them on a scheduled flight. It is primarily used to transfer items outside the country.

Ocean Freight Forwarder

An ocean freight forwarder helps transfer items via sea or ocean route. They put items in huge containers, which are boarded on large ocean fleets and transferred to the final place.

Ocean freight forwarders specialize in handling large and heavy cargo and transferring them outside the country. Many businesses use ocean freight forwarders for international deliveries as it costs them less money. The good thing about ocean freight services is that they let companies transfer bulk materials. They can choose a full container or share it with other customers.

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Truck Freight Forwarder

Truck freight forwarders operate on land and transfer goods via trucks. This freight service is primarily used for transferring items long distances.

Truck freight forwarders deliver items through roads, and use heavy vans or trucks. However, the speed and timeline are influenced by factors like road maintenance, highway traffic, congestion, etc. Businesses choose truck freight after items reach the final country. They then transfer the items to different provinces, cities, or states.

Multi-modal Freight Forwarder

Multi-modal freight forwarder uses different transportation modes to transfer items. Companies choose multi-modal freights if they want to ship items across several borders.

This freight service uses different transportation modes for each leg of the journey. The good thing about multi-modal freight forwarders is that they provide great pick-up and delivery services. They take care of paperwork, cargo insurance, and customs clearance on your behalf.

Companies should choose the right freight forwarder to ensure their items reach the final stoppage safely. They should assess the transfer requirements and the available options to make an informed decision.

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