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    Videos are considered as one of the most effective modes of digital communication.  Video consumption at global scale is rising and in 2023 more than 93% of the marketers stated that they used video as a marketing tool.Through video’s audio-visual interaction can be channelised to speared a targeted message as per requirement.

    For instance, Zomato has prepared numerous videos around its brand. It showcased the level of popularity, various use cases, people’s testimonials, etc. Which provided more authenticity and credibility to the brand. Whereas, MNCs like Coca-cola, Tata, etc. have created videos related to sustainability, product demos, CSR Videos, etc. to make their customers. These videos help to connect with brands’ target audience and increase their awareness about targeted factors. 

    Video production is a meticulous task. It requires detailed understanding and production. In order to get the best video which is highly credible and informative, brands are tying up with the top video production company in India and the company that has been entrusted by various Fortune-1000+ companies and other market leaders is Vidzy, a renowned video production platform in India which has been in the video production industry for the past 8 years. It has delivered more 100K+ videos till now across various genres. 

    Let’s check out various types of videos and how it can augment your brand. 

    Various Services That Our Best Video Production Agency Offers:

    1. Organic Videos

    • Corporate Videos: Use the best video production house to get the best corporate video that resonates with your brand’s objective, vision, and aims. 
    • Social Media Videos: Social media videos are a master way for elevated interaction and engagement. Brands can utilise the services of digital video production companies to strategise and create tailored video for their campaign.
    • YouTube Videos: YouTube videos are utilised for various purposes. Brands can use it to educate, aware, and propagate your brand’s message. 
    • UGC Videos: UGC videos can be utilised as testimonials, reviews, and first hand experience. The top video production company in India can help you strategically customise and answer your needs. 
    • Product Videos: Product Videos are an excellent way to introduce your product to a massive audience base. You can utilise Full Service Production Company in India to produce world-class product videos. 
    • Instagram Reels: Instagram reels are the new craze and very effective in creating engagement and awareness. 
    • Shoppable Videos: Shopify videos are a quick introduction to the product and services. It requires effective communication and a professional video production company in India can help you create an effective video. 
    1. Advertisements

    • Video Ads: Ads are very conventional and still very effective. Ads require captivating storytelling and a top video production company in India can help you have one. 
    • YouTube Ads:  YouTube has various lengths of videos which vary from 6 seconds to minutes long. To creatively tap into varied lengths ensure that you are working with the best video production company to have great YouTube ads. 
    • Instagram Ads: Instagram is a great platform when you are trying to tap into the Gen-Z and Millennials audience. You can utilise the best video production services and produce a remarkable video that has high relevance on Instagram. 
    • Facebook Ads: Facebook is still one of the most used platforms globally. Since its inception it has shown tremendous growth and has provided valuable returns. Brands can integrate product videos, reels, etc. to generate visibility and recognition. 
    • LinkedIn Video Ads: Linkedin is one of the most remarkable places to connect with B2B, B2C, B2G, etc. Linkedin Ads through videos can swiftly relay your message and strategically target your audience. 
    1. Creative Video Production

    • 3D Animation: 3D Animation is the synonym of “Imagination turned into reality”. It is highly appealing and visually striking. You can utilise services of the best Video Production House to curate a highly spearheading and viral-holding-capability video and achieve your desired results. 
    • 2D Animation: 2D animation is highly reliable when we are targeting swift delivery and quick results. 2D animation prepared by Full Service Video Production company has the capacity to connect with audiences, acknowledge and aware them with relevant information.

    Video production is an arena which has multiple nodes. Brands who have vision to tap into a wider market segment can integrate the services of a top video production company in India and can reap the benefits.

    Why Choose Vidzy, The Best Video Production Company in India.  

    Vidzy has been at the forefront of video production and has completed numerous successful and benchmarked video campaigns. Lets see more in-depth, what more Vidzy can offer. 

    • 8+ years of experience
    • 100K+ Video delivered
    • International Presence
    • 1000+ clients
    • Experts from most prestigious institutions
    • Highly Customisable Videos
    • Modern Technology and Infrastructure. 
    • Personal Brand managers

    Parting Words:

    Vidzy, an award winning and well-seasoned Professional Video Production Company in India has promising capabilities to create highly reliable videos for brands. Vidzy has rich experience of over 8 years and is accredited to have delivered more than 100K videos. 

    Vidzy is highly tech orientated and utilises the most advanced modern infrastructure for video production. They cater to holistic video production services and also integrate the state-of-the-art influencer marketing mechanism to make the videos very buoyant in a steadfast marketing environment. 


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