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The piano and guitar are both excellent beginner instruments however many beginners are in a dilemma regarding which to choose. What you do not want is try to learn the two at once as you may end up not mastering any. Considering several factors, the piano is your best choice. So, here we list the top reasons why you learn the piano instead of the guitar.

It is easier to memorise Notes

It is easier to memorise the notes on a piano since all the keys repeat the same patterns. For adult beginners, you would usually learn the white keys alone (7 keys) while children learn the black keys alone (5 keys). The notes of a guitar are much more complex because every string has a different way the notes are arranged.

Music patterns are simple to understand

The simplicity of the arrangement of keys on the piano makes it easy to understand musical patterns and pattern-based songs. When reading a music sheet, if the notes move downwards you easily know that the keys to be punched are towards the left. Intervals on the sheet are also very easy to identify. The complexity of the guitar makes it difficult to play from a music sheet.

It is great for formal music learning

You would most need to read music notes and materials while learning the piano. This is not difficult and it aids formal music learning in no small way. This knowledge will serve as a pathway to learn other musical instruments. However, there is no formal lesson needed to learn the guitar except it’s something you study in school. Learning the piano helps a lot if you want to pursue a music career or learn other instruments in the future including the guitar.

There is the ease of composition

Unlike the guitar, the piano is one of the very few instruments that allows you to play in bass and treble simultaneously. Having 88 keys gives it one of the broadest tonal ranges you can find in any instrument. This helps during the composition of music as there’s a lot of tones you are exposed to that you can write in.

Accurate reference for ear training

Guitars often need tuning to get the correct sounds however little or no tuning is ever needed for pianos. This helps you get precise reference points for your ear training.

Maintenance is minimal

Guitar maintenance can be frustratingly regular. Tuning your guitars must be done now and then. You will also need new strings very frequently. Cleaning your frets and oil the fretboard must also be done periodically. On the other hand, the piano requires very little maintenance. Apart from surface cleaning, you may need to remove dust from the inside unit and also tune (only keyboards and the acoustic piano) usually once every few years.


Over many decades, music masters have noted the piano as their most preferred instrument. If you want to learn the piano, there are tutors for beginner classes in Singapore. Either offline or online, they will guide you in meeting your music goals faster than you ever imagined.


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