Top 10 Free and Paid Artificial Intelligence Certifications

Top 10 Free and Paid Artificial Intelligence Certifications

Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence. A world where machines drive your car, robots assist you in your household chores, and advanced intelligent systems help propel businesses forward. The Artificial intelligence is no longer the talk of the future, it is now and soon it will be dominating all sorts of industries. The question is – Are you well prepared for this transformation? Are you qualified enough to fill the 97 million AI jobs the advent of this technology will be creating?

If not, then it is the time to learn the AI skills and become a certified AI professional. Because the AI market is growing at a rapid pace and as per Markets and Markets, it will hit a market value of around $1.8 trillion by 2030 and companies are looking for professionals who can perform their AI tasks.

Here let’s explore some of the most popular free and paid AI certification courses that can help you advance in your AI career.

Free online AI certification programs

Here are some popular free online AI certification programs that can help you learn the fundamentals of AI technology.

  1. CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python: Harvard University

This course empowers students with the fundamental knowledge of Artificial Intelligence using the Python programming language. It is taught by expert tutors from Harvard University and covers important knowledge and skills so that students can easily understand and work with AI technologies. This is a self-paced online learning program of 7 weeks duration. Though the course is free to learn, students must pay $199 for the verified certificate.

  1. Ethics in Data, AI, and Innovative Response: University of Edinburgh

Similar to the certification course from Harvard, this course is also free to learn but requires a fee of $49 for the verified certificate. This is an intermediate-level self-paced certification program that can be completed within 7 weeks duration. It teaches students about the ethical considerations regarding the usage of data science, artificial intelligence, and innovative technologies.

  1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Great Learning Academy

It is one of the popular online AI certification programs for beginners who want to learn the basic concepts of AI such as machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, etc. This free course also includes a hands-on project to sharpen your AI skills.

  1. AI For Everyone: DeepLearning.AI

If you want to learn how to build your own AI model using Python for free, then this course is a great option to consider. This free course will help you learn the basic AI concepts, and at the end of the course, you will get a certificate of completion as well.

  1. Deep Learning Specialization: Andrew Ng

Andrew Ng is viewed as quite possibly of the best master in Man-made reasoning of present circumstances. This course is planned by him to assist understudies with understanding AI, profound learning, GAN, NLP, and other artificial intelligence ideas.

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Online Paid Artificial Intelligence certification programs

Paid Artificial intelligence certification programs are a great way to demonstrate your professional commitment and life-long learning towards this particular domain. Paid courses are a great way to build your AI portfolio that will help you immensely in your AI career. Here are some widely recognized paid AI certifications to consider.

  1. IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate

Available in Coursera, this professional certificate for AI professionals is offered by IBM. This course has been designed for beginners and is a 6-course series. It can be completed within 3 months and requires a time commitment of 8-10 hours a week.

  1. United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII®)

The United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII®) has earned a reputation for providing the most credible AI certifications that are widely recognized across industries globally. They have different AI certification courses for professionals having different degrees of work experience. These certification courses are self-paced online learning programs that can be completed within 4-25 weeks and require a time commitment of 8-10 hours a week.

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USAII® provides a world-class resource center consisting of all the study materials required to clear their certification exam. This includes HQ lecture videos, eBooks, practice codes, capstone projects, etc. Students and professionals get access to all of these for free when they pay for the certificate exam

  1. Google Cloud Certified Professional – Data Engineer

This course has been specifically designed for data engineers who work on Google Cloud Platforms. This course empowers them with the knowledge of building, deploying, and maintaining models on the GCP.

  1. Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence: Stanford University

This course has been designed for professionals who want to upgrade their skills and knowledge in the field of AI. This is an online AI certification program taught by instructors from Stanford University. The course fee can be $17,472 or $23,296 depending upon the units of classes.

  1. Professional Certificate in Artificial Intelligence: MIT

If you want to learn the fundamentals of AI and make your foundation strong then this program is ideal as it is taught by highly skilled professors from MIT. So, you can definitely learn the arts and science of AI and incorporate it in your work.

To sum up

These are probably the most well known free and paid computer based intelligence certificate courses that will assist you with learning the ideas of computer based intelligence and assist you with progressing in your simulated intelligence profession. Prior to enlisting, you should completely check the course educational plan they offer, their evaluating, assessment strategy, and so forth, and check assuming they coordinate with your vocation and expert objectives. In general, they will help you in taking your vocation to a higher level.