In the realm of haute horlogerie, the TisMo Geneve “Sonny” Watch—a homage to Al Pacino—has become famous.


TisMo Geneve is a burgeoning luxury watchmaker that is generating quite a buzz all around the world with its collection of clocks that are not only one of a kind but also extremely sought after. There is a lot of controversy surrounding these clocks due to the normal lack of individuality and customization prevalent in the market. To combat this issue, the company has pledged to produce watches of exceptional quality. This promise was publicly announced to compete in the market. The first model they created was named “Sonny,” which was a tribute to the late and well-known actor Al Pacino. This model was conceived with the cherished moniker of Al Pacino serving as the source of inspiration for the design.

The “Sonny” watch is a substantial divergence from the norm often seen in terms of the quality standard typically observed in timepieces. This is because the “Sonny” watch is exceptionally well-made. It is a sincere tribute to Al Pacino and the huge impact he had on the film industry. This event is more than just a screening; it is a celebration of his life and career. The fact that it is more than just a screening is due to this cause. “I was frustrated by the lack of advanced customization possibilities that were accessible from ultra-luxury items,” admitted Ralph Collins, the pioneering mind behind TisMo. “I wish there had been more options for advanced customization.” The absence of opportunities of this kind was a source of frustration for him, which led to the conception of the idea for the company. Because of this, he was able to think of the idea for TisMo, which was one of the inspirations behind his idea. He conceived of an idea for clocks that would be a divergence from the standards that are already in compliance with the industry. He envisioned things differently.

Personalization is something that Ralph Collins, an ex-owner at Prestige Wrap & Customs, is aware of and comprehends the significance of regarding the relevance of personalization. Since he has worked in the automobile sector in the past, he is quite knowledgeable about the various aspects of the industry. During the time that he was giving service to customers who were overly demanding, he noticed that there was an increasing demand for experiences that were individualized to the individual. It was possible for him to recognize this desire. TisMo is a company that epitomizes creativity and provides a novel viewpoint that is fashioned by excitement, in-depth understanding of business, and years of expertise when it comes to providing service to well-known clientele. TisMo is in the business of providing clients with this perspective, even though they are still relatively new to the watchmaking sector that they are a part of.

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To put it simply, the formation of the initial TisMo units, which took place over the course of several years, was the product of a mix of determined effort and innovative thought on the part of the numerous individuals who were engaged. Since the year 2017, this collection of works of art has been in the process of being constructed, and it is now set to be made available to individuals who place a large degree of significance on the idea of exclusivity.

The “Sonny” version of the Gran TisMo is a superb illustration of how meticulous attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship can be flawlessly blended to create a finished product. This is a remarkable example of how this can be accomplished. The tourbillon movement, which is constructed in Switzerland, will not only be of great quality, but it will also provide an experience that will be completely and utterly unforgettable. This is because Switzerland is the country where the movement was first established; this is the reason behind this.

Another thing to take into consideration is that this watch has an incredible power reserve of 110 hours, indicating that it will continue to tick for a lengthy amount of time before needing to be replaced

  • When it comes to the preservation of time at a frequency of 3Hz (21,600 Alt/H), it possesses a fantastic degree of accuracy which is a testament to its exceptional accuracy.
  • After you have finished the process, you will be able to get your hands on this interactive clock because you wound it by hand as part of the process. Because of the 19 stones that have been meticulously set inside of the watch, it is certain to have a movement that is free of any flaws and will continue to look magnificent for a very long time. The reason for this is that the movement has been put with great care on purpose.
  • A magnificent arrangement that exudes elegance and sophistication is created by the 226 black diamonds that are used to ornament it. This arrangement is a remarkable one. It is a fantastic arrangement that has been made. The diamonds are utilized to accomplish the aim of making the arrangement.
  • The design of the watch is not only one of a kind but also extremely intricate, and it is embellished with 595 golden horse heads that have ruby eyes. The distinctiveness of the watch is enhanced by the presence of both traits. It is highly probable that the development of this design will attract the attention of persons.
  • The watch is adorned with a silver copy of Scarface’s gun, which is a tribute to the renowned figure and adds an extra little something to the overall experience.
  • The watch is visually appealing since it shows an opera house in Sicily, which is very significant from an artistic and cultural perspective.
  • Because the rubber band on this watch was produced specifically to Mr. Pacino’s specifications, it is not only comfortable but also versatile with a wide range of applications.
  • The watch is protected by a Gran TisMo-shaped casing that is lovingly crafted from silver and galvanized metal.
  • The watch is incorporated into a Gran TisMo. Both the front and the back of the watch are made of sapphire glass, which not only ensures that the watch will endure for a very long time but also allows for a clear view of the watch’s outstanding qualities.
  • The watchmaker boasts a talent that is exquisitely accomplished, and this casing, which serves as an excellent example, is a lovely demonstration of that talent.

Al Pacino, throughout his distinguished career, has embodied the very essence of this exquisite watch from beginning to end. This limited edition consists of only ten watches, and Mr. Pacino is the proud owner of the very first piece produced. Devoted TisMo customers have the opportunity to purchase the remaining nine pieces, with a total price of 125,000 Swiss Francs. These timepieces are currently available for purchase. Acquiring this watch is not only seen as an investment in a piece of art but also as a wise financial decision that is expected to yield future returns. This belief stems from the conviction that this timepiece will become a prized work of art.

Therefore, establishing long-term connections with customers is of paramount importance to TisMo Geneve, ensuring the company’s continued success. With every watch they produce, a representative from TisMo personally delivers it to the customer. This approach aligns with the aforementioned reasoning.