SportsThe prominent sub-industries of modern horse racing and their roots in the...

The prominent sub-industries of modern horse racing and their roots in the sport’s origins

Horse racing at a regulated level has been taking place for centuries in the United Kingdom. It has progressed so far that it is now so much more than simply a form of entertainment. 

There are an abundance of ways to follow the sport or to obtain direct stakes in it. Modern horse racing is filled with investment opportunities in a variety of different formats for fans and business-savvy individuals alike. 

What are horse racing’s prominent sub-industries and how have they been developed from the sport’s origins?

Horse ownership in modern times

In modern times horse racing fans are abundant all around the globe, and like any industry, a huge target audience breeds huge business potential. 

Over time the increased eyes on the track have continually created higher stakes off it, and there are many sub-industries of the sport which represent this. 

The closest way to get directly involved in the action is to directly own a horse, which has historically always been possible for royals and the upper class. However, now it is possible to own a small share in a racehorse, as many horse racing syndicates such as RaceShare offer part-ownership for a one-off fee. 

In the past, only the super-rich could hold direct stakes in a horse’s fortunes, but now fans of all backgrounds and incomes can get involved. 

How betting on racehorses has evolved

Sports betting is another industry that is closely related to horse racing. It has been associated with the sport for much of its history, although in modern times it has reached an all-time peak in popularity and accessibility. 

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Almost any race, in any part of the world will have online betting markets concerning it. Betting on horse racing has evolved to the point at which bets can be placed in an instant via a mobile app, or even mid-race with real-time odds constantly available at the major bookmakers. 

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The huge amount of finances featured within horse racing in the modern day has resulted in all sorts of people attempting to benefit. Ultimately, many fans are just as concerned with the off-court impacts of race proceedings as they are with enjoying the action in real time. 

Horse Racing Stays True to it’s Roots

Horse racing was originally held at a regulated level around 400 years ago in England. It was originally a sport which was mainly enjoyed by the elites of society. This means it is quite remarkable that in modern times, it involves high stakes which concern people of all backgrounds. 

Betting has always been available in the history of the sport, however, it of course never involved the extensive markets available in the 21st century, and it was not open to a wide range of people.

The original informal method of betting on races no doubt created a blueprint which future players in the industry have been able to follow. 

The key factor that makes bookmakers so successful when it comes to the sport is simply its ever-growing popularity across various regions of the world

This also applies to the horse ownership industry. This was similarly a feature of the sport in its original format, but the modern growth of the sport has created the demand for part-ownership which has become – like sports betting – a multi-million-pound industry of its own. 

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Betting and ownership have existed as long as horse racing itself. The modern worldwide popularity of the sport has simply allowed them to blossom into globally successful sub-industries of the once royally exclusive action. 

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