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The Importance of Colonoscopy Scans in Preventive Care

In this new world, everything is going fast; everyone is busy and drowned in their schedules that never let them take a day off or think about things that matter, like our own health. The world we are living in requires you to be at your hundred percent to perform well in life and survive this world. Everyone should be aware of the fact that their health is the most essential thing to survive in this world and their work life because if you suddenly get ill, you can’t go to work and you can’t compete with others, and there’s more chance that some other healthy person can take your place.

Doctors often talk about the benefits of preventive medicine in this new fast world because prevention is easy, and it can save a lot of our time and money in the long run. Basically, preventive medicine is trying to live a better lifestyle and go through screening procedures, such as virtual colonoscopy procedures like non-invasive colonoscopy and other colonoscopy scans. Moreover, different types of scans for heart and lung diseases can also be done for risk factor detection or early detection of any kind of disease. In this article, we’ll talk about Viascan’s colonoscopy scans and their role in preventive medicine.

What is Colonoscopy?

This is a procedure where the doctor examines your inner anatomy of the large intestine and rectum, which means that he looks for any irregularity or abnormality in the linings of your colon(large intestine) or rectum with the help of a thin and flexible tube that is equipped with a camera and minor surgical procedures like an abnormal growth can also be removed by the doctor during this time.

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Types of colonoscopy:

We can divide the colonoscopy mainly into two broad terms that are:

1-Invasive colonoscopy: This is done with the help of a thin tube equipped with a camera.

2-Noninvasive colonoscopy: This uses different types of non-invasive subjects like CT scanning, sigmoidoscopy, or stool-based tests for the results. Non invasive colonoscopy is by far the best available option.

Need for Colonoscopy:

Many types of diseases, mainly cancers, can develop in your colon and rectum, and they remain asymptomatic for a long time. When they start to show symptoms, it is very late and develops into a malignant cancer that is far more dangerous and harder to treat than the precursor lesion. With the help of colonoscopy procedures for preventive care, doctors can look for a precancerous lesion in the colon and rectum and then try to remove it, as their treatment at this stage is very easy.

Role of colonoscopy in preventive medicine:

Virtual Colonoscopy procedures gave many benefits to the preventive medicine world and also to the people who tried to take part in preventive medicine for their own health and fitness goals. Some of the benefits are discussed below:

1- Early Detection Of Cancer: With the help of colonoscopies, there is a higher chance of catching colorectal cancer at its early stages. Not only will individuals be able to detect it, but it can also be removed. Once we’ve detected the disease early, it’s much easier for the doctor to treat it and for the patient to fight it. Therefore, it is directly linked to the overall health status of the world, making the world a more peaceful and stress-free place to live.

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2- Chances Of A Healthier Lifestyle: Earlier detection of diseases leads to earlier treatment and that leads to more years staying healthy and disease-free. With the help of preventive colonoscopy procedures and early detection, there is a lot of improvement seen in the survival rate of people with colon cancer, and now this cancer can be treated more efficiently and stress-free by the doctor.

3- The Will To Live: For an individual to be able to enjoy life, they need to have a purpose to live. Those who are ill due to chronic diseases and conditions, their will to live life keeps diminishing because they’re aware that they will die soon. Hence, it is important to take preventive scans to help doctors detect diseases early. This will help in timely treatment of diseases, and create motivation in individuals to live a better life.

4-        Better Treatment: Through preventive scans, the facilities for receiving a better treatment have increased and improved in the past few decades. Medicine and technology have proven together in providing a chance for more individuals to get satisfactory treatment and live healthy lives.


To summarize, ViaScan of Las Colinas offers colonoscopy scans by using highly advanced technology that provides accurate results and diagnosis of diseases. It aids individuals in early detection of colon related disease, so they can improve their lifestyle and adopt healthy eating habits to prevent future complications. 

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