The Best iPhone 15 ProMax Screen Protector for iPhone Lovers and Eye Health Concerns


Nowadays,phone screens occupy our daily lives. With the increased use of electronic devices, eyes are prone to visual fatigue, sleep disorders, retinal cell damage, etc. Therefore, eye health is becoming more and more concerned, especially among phone enthusiasts and eye health concerns. Then it is crucial to choose a phone screen protector that can protect your eyes.

Blue Light Blocking Protector

Perfectsight iPhone screen protectors use rare earth protective coating technology, these coatings can potentially filter or reduce the amount of harmful blue light emitted by the screen. This minimizes exposure to blue light and reduces eye fatigue without altering the clarity and feel of the screen. Unlike screens with low light transmittance, Perfectsight prioritizes eye comfort, so you can say goodbye to the stress of looking at a screen for long periods of time and enjoy a more relaxing and enjoyable viewing experience that meets the needs of those concerned about eye health.

Durable Glass Material

High-alumina silicon glass achieves ultra-thinness, the thickness is reduced by less than half of the traditional glass thickness, the product is lighter, and it has better abrasion resistance, high strength, scratch resistance, impact resistance, and light weight to achieve the best phone experience.

High-definition vision and touch feeling

The iPhone 15 Promax screen protector restores the phone’s ultra-high-definition, non-destructive image quality and bare metal sense of sight, maximizes the combination of ultra-high-definition translucency and smooth feel, maintains a sensitive sense of touch and the best touch experience, and is the ideal choice for cell phone enthusiasts.

Functional Diversity

iPhone screen protectors achieve anti-glare and anti-spy functions through anti-glare and anti-spy coatings. The anti-glare feature reduces reflections and glare on the screen, making the screen easier to view even in bright environments or direct light, reducing stress on the eyes. The anti-spy function ensures that your privacy is not compromised, especially in various public places.

Challenging extreme environments

Featuring anti-drop, anti-scratch, and anti-abrasion. The material of the iPhone screen protector has high hardness and can withstand the free fall and impact of a steel ball up to 1.5 meters to achieve cell phone screen protection under various extreme conditions.

Provide hygiene protection

The iPhone 15 Promax screen protector is anti-fingerprint, dust and bacteria resistant, reduces oily residue left by fingerprints, inhibits bacterial growth, prevents dust particles from settling on the screen, reduces the frequency of screen cleaning, improves screen hygiene, and promotes the user experience.

Waterproof, oil and sweat resistant

This iPhone 15 Promax screen protector has a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, which can realize waterproof, oil-proof, and sweat-proof, achieve all-around protection for the phone screen, and solve the screen troubles of workers in various environments.

Lifetime Warranty

PerfectSight customers are eligible for product discounts, free screen protector replacements, and a lifetime warranty. If your PerfectSight screen protector is cracked or damaged, you can request a replacement screen protector online for the same model you purchased.