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Choosing the Best Furniture Fabric

Furniture serves as the home’s outfit. The right furniture adds more appeal to a place whereas the wrong choice does the opposite. For selecting the most appropriate furnishings, there are some major factors to consider. For instance, the fabric or material of the home equipment. In addition to aesthetics, the right material directly affects comfort. Let’s delve into the intricate world of furniture fabric. Explore the different types and learn some effective tips for selecting the right material.

Types of Furniture Fabric

Fabric or material selection isn’t just about appearance. It’s about comfort, durability and functionality. Additionally, the right material contributes to the aura of a place. Therefore, it is important to be spot on when buying furnishing items.

Listed below are the most common material types for home furniture.


Rayon or viscose rayon is a popular material used in furnishing items. It provides the comfort of cotton and silk. However, the material is more durable than both types. Additionally, rayon is soft and a rather budget-friendly option compared to silk. The semi-synthetic can be a viable option to use in a TV bed.


One of the most popular furniture fabric types, leather continues to garner massive attention. It adds a touch of class to any place. Moreover, leather remains one of the most durable materials in the world.

Besides the added charm, leather is easy to maintain. Furthermore, some leather types get better and more attractive with age.


Cotton is widely used in home equipment. For instance, in sofas, beds, couches and many others. Cotton reigns supreme as one of the softest and most durable materials. Additionally, cotton is easy to weave and dye. Consequently, it is available in  many colours and design patterns.

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Nothing quite adds a luxury touch to home furnishings like velvet. Whether it’s luxury velvet or marble velvet, all the types bring forth the opulent touch. Velvet production includes some complicated methods. Therefore, the material remains an expensive choice. However, the luxury touch and availability of multiple vibrant colours make it worth it.


Another popular furniture fabric type, polyester, is dynamic. For instance, the material is highly durable and available in different textures. Additionally, polyester is resistant to stains – making maintenance relatively easy.


Wool is an ideal choice for rooms with high traffic. The material is sturdy and has great durability. Moreover, wool is resistant to staining. However, when wool gets wet, it may release an odour that is hard to get rid of.

Factors to Consider for Furniture Fabric Selection

Moreover, consider factors other than material type before making a decision. Listed below are some tips for selecting the right home furnishing material.


Consider the lifestyle before finalising the material. Go for strong textiles like leather or microfiber if the household has kids and pets. Additionally, opt for material that is resistant to stains and or easy to clean and maintain.


Whether it’s a cinema sofa, chaise lounge or any equipment, be sure to select highly durable material. Opt for materials like leather and polyester as they are known for their durability.

Comfort and Feel

A bed, sofa or any item doesn’t do any good if it’s not comfortable. Therefore, be sure to select material that is comfortable. Velvet, silk and cotton are all viable choices in this regard.

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Colour and Pattern

Textile choice significantly affects a room’s aesthetics. It’s a wise move to opt for a material available in numerous colours and designs. Consequently, homeowners can find a pattern matching the rest of the room’s design.


Not every material suits every skin type. Some materials trigger allergies and pose a threat to health. Therefore, opt for allergy-free furnishing material to prevent any issues.

These are all the furniture fabric types and the tips to select the right material. The correct furnishing material can make a huge difference. Apart from aesthetics, the type of material affects the level of comfort and functionality.

Besides the previous materials, other fabric types such as Naples and Kensigton are garnering huge attention. Opt for the most appropriate fabric type. See how the decision makes a notable difference at your place.

Stay tuned to learn about home furniture material types, selection guide and more.

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