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Spice Up Your Employee Onboarding With These 5 Things

When it comes to traditional employee onboarding, it often goes like this: HR hits new hires with a massive stack of paperwork before they even step foot into the office – not the friendliest welcome, right? Dealing with those tedious forms, the old-school signing and scanning of contracts, and playing email ping-pong with HR can be a real buzzkill, stealing away the excitement for candidates. But don’t worry – it doesn’t always have to be this boring and burdensome.

With a just few adjustments, you can craft an onboarding experience that is not only convenient for new hires, but that also leaves a long-lasting impression, setting the tone for a positive working relationship! So today, we’ll unveil 5 things you can do to spice up your onboarding process, ensuring new hires feel not just welcomed, but genuinely excited to dive in and contribute to the success of your organisation!

1 – Branded & Customisable Onboarding Packs

Transform your onboarding experience into something uniquely yours by using branded and customisable onboarding packs! Picture this: all the essential onboarding materials (custom forms, contracts, training videos, and more) accessible through a single link. This brings new hires to a web portal where they can easily view, sign, and save all essential resources at their convenience, sending a clear message that you genuinely care about their time. And we believe that adding your brand’s personal touch to these packs can add that extra layer of professionalism making the onboarding process even more unique and impressive.

The easiest way to create employee onboarding packs is by using an HRIS or employee onboarding software. These tools let you customise your packs freely, adding elements specific to your organisation such as personalised training videos or coffee club forms. The best part? No need to start from scratch every time a new team member joins! With custom forms, integrated platform modules (i.e. Applicant Tracking System), and pre-populating employment contracts, you can effortlessly curate multiple onboarding pack templates for different roles, entities, or departments. This transforms your onboarding from a routine email exchange of forms and contracts into a memorable and luxurious experience for your new hires.

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2 – Introduction Videos

Bring some life to your onboarding process by including introduction videos that not only showcase your organisation’s core values, amazing team, and perks, but also give new hires a feel for who you are as a company. This will allow new hires to watch and replay them as many times as they need, until they feel comfortable and familiarised with your organisation.

It’s a great alternative to having new hires read through a hefty 50-page document as these videos are attention-grabbing and way more enjoyable! So, not only does it communicate information in an engaging way, but also lets new hires ease into the company’s expectations at their own comfortable pace.

3 – Friendly Text Messages

Keeping in contact with new hires throughout the onboarding process is extremely important. Even a simple text message saying, “Hey there, excited to have you on board! If you need anything, just let me know” can go a long way in making them feel welcomed and cared about as part of the team. It’s an assurance that you’ve got their back – any questions or needs, you’re there to support the smoothest transition into the office as possible. This not only shows you value them but sets the tone for a workplace where everyone looks out for each other.

While you can send these welcome messages manually, many prefer to automate the process with employee onboarding software or an HRIS for that extra time-saving boost. With these tools, you can pre-set messages to shoot off automatically – perhaps one or two weeks before your new hire’s starting date. It’s a reliable way to maintain that personal touch without taking time out of other competing priorities.

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4 – Onboarding Buddies

Assigning a buddy to each new hire can help them adjust better and feel more comfortable during their onboarding into your organisation. Having a friendly guide is a great way to infuse warmth into your onboarding process, ensuring a positive transition for every newcomer. This will give them a friendly face who they can go to in times of uncertainty or even just to help get them excited to start at your organisation!

5 – Welcome Packages

A welcome package can demonstrate your appreciation and commitment to making a new hire feel excited to start at your company. These can comprise of many different items such as company merch, a welcome letter from the CEO, chocolates, an employee handbook, and so on. It also communicates that you are an established entity with a solid company culture, promoting it as a desirable place to work.

To ensure all materials are collected and ready to be sent off in an organised manner, you can use a checklist or an HRIS. With an HRIS, you can pre-set the items to be selected in your procurement list so that when it comes time to initiate the onboarding process, HR already knows which items they need to put together, ensuring its prompt acquisition and distribution.

Key Takeaways

Employee onboarding is not just about adhering to a checklist; it’s about crafting a positive and unforgettable welcome for every new team member. By incorporating customised and engaging elements into your onboarding process such as branded onboarding packs, introduction videos, friendly text messages, onboarding buddies, and thoughtful welcome packages, you not only demonstrate your professionalism, but also ignite a sense of warmth and excitement. These small yet impactful gestures show that your organisation values each new hire, making their journey memorable and positive. Remember, it’s not just about bringing someone on board; it’s about welcoming them into a community where they feel ready to contribute and be a part of the success story.

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