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Principles for selecting a hero and subclass for gameplay in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is both simple, colorful, and challenging if you don’t carefully consider your choice of main character to develop.

You will have a choice of three heroes, on one of which you will provide Destiny 2 boosting and choose the path of development of the specified class.

Each character is unique and fits perfectly into the MMO RPG format with shooter and space exploration mechanics.


This is a knight, a master of shooting, a character of covering and providing protection for himself and surrounding allies, and at the same time the owner of steel fists, which he can launch into battle at any time, putting aside firearms and striking them into the ground to knock over enemies, or personally drive them into strike opponents until they are destroyed.

According to the game plot, it is the titans who are the main defenders and the last stronghold of the main city of people to protect against alien invasion.

They built it and took an oath to protect it, even at the cost of their lives.

It is precisely because of the game and storyline that titans have many defensive-type features, which makes them first-class and, in fact, the only tanks in the game.

You will be able to use a shield that will block all incoming damage in a straight line for the entire duration of the action.

Be careful and attentive, because enemies can get around you and attack you from the side, or rear and cause full damage, or simply throw you with a grenade and cause damage with a blast wave.

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When it comes to the subclass, it will become decisive in terms of strengthening and developing the character and his boosting in D2.

There are a total of 4 types of subclasses available and each plays a different role for each hero – lightning, sun, void, or stand.

For a tank, it is better to choose to lightning or a stand, because you can make your hero not only a defender, but also a half-attacking hero who will contribute in battle even when holding a protective shield and the time when he is not firing from small arms .

Lightning will allow you to inflict periodic damage with the magic of the same name, even if you are in a defensive stance, and since you, in your role, will largely restrain opponents, then all this time the enemies will receive additional damage, which will significantly speed up the outcome of battles, raids and PVP.

The Stand is a new type of subclass that appeared with the release of the Lightfall add-on and, like all innovations, has a beneficial effect for each character.

For a tank, this will be an opportunity to install small blades on their already dangerous steel fists, which, upon any contact with enemies in close combat, will impose a bleeding effect, and if the enemy does not have a warlock nearby who will remove the negative effect, then he will lose quite a lot of health.


This is a hero-traveler and explorer who makes his main bet on the fight against evil in all its manifestations.

That is why, when an alien invasion befell humanity, the warlocks came and began to defend the light, opposing pure darkness.

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This is a shooter who can choose two paths of his development – an attacking class and a battle mage with potential magical damage and a defensive hero who heals and strengthens all allies.

The main advantage is that the warlock will always find his place in the group both as an attacking and defensive hero; moreover, there can be two of them with opposite roles, and then you will be provided with the most stable and fastest Destiny 2 boosting.

In terms of subclass, two options are suitable for a warlock – void and stand, but both of them are designed for an attacking build, because the defensive one is already too strong and unique.

The void will allow you to enhance your mass attacks and add an effect to the current damage and supplement it for a significant increase in damage during leveling and clearing raids in order to quickly destroy the surrounding retinue.

The second option is the Stand, a new subclass that gives you a new mass attack option in the form of shrapnel. That is, you do not deal general damage, but scatter fragments upward and deal damage to all affected enemies and slow them down.

On the one hand, this is more unstable damage, which needs to hit a large cluster of enemies, or force them to gather together, but if all conditions are met, the potential damage will not only be stronger than void, but will also have a greater deterrent factor.


This is the most unusual hero, who is very popular among all players and is the one most often chosen for D2 boosting.

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Hunters are a full-fledged melee and ranged attack class, with the ability to use camouflage elements, grenades, and wear a unique cloak, which indicates that they belong to the hunter class.

It is the cloak that is relevant to the storyline and indicates that the hunter has a valid contract that needs to be fulfilled and if the character dies, then other hunters must take this symbol and complete the task that the deceased took on so that his soul finds peace.

According to the game plot, the hunters were expelled from their native lands long ago and they had to wander through the desert, learning to shoot and the ability to survive and fight using any type of weapon. When the time of invasion came, the hunters were among the first to put their skills to use.

A hunter, in a sense, is a better sniper than just a shooter, and his abilities can and should be strengthened with the help of subclasses.

You can learn the sun subclass to greatly improve your accurate damage and armor penetration and ignore.

This format will allow you to effectively feel your character in all offensive activities in Destiny 2.

You will deal great damage to bosses in raids and strikes, to other players in PVP modes and, most importantly, to attacking aliens as part of quests and clean-ups.

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