Opening a Minor Demat Account: A Comprehensive Guide

Opening a Minor Demat Account: A Comprehensive Guide

A minor demat account is a type of dematerialised account that parents or legal guardians can open on behalf of minors. This account allows minors to invest in various assets such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds and even participate in stock market trading. As minors are not legally permitted to sign contracts, a guardian manages these accounts until the minor reaches the age of majority. 

While the guardian manages the account, the minor can monitor the investments made on their behalf and receive regular statements. Once the minor reaches the age of majority, the account can be transferred to their name, and they can take full control of the investments made in the account. Suppose you are interested in starting a free Demat account for a minor. In that case, you can find detailed instructions and guidance on the process from your chosen depository participant or brokerage firm.

Eligibility to Open a Minor Demat Account

In order for your child to be eligible to create a demat account, certain prerequisites need to be fulfilled. The most important requirement is that the child must be under a specific age, which is generally 18 years old. Additionally, a parent or guardian is required to open the account on behalf of the child. However, certain financial institutions may have additional requirements that need to be met in order to open a minor demat account.

For instance, some institutions may require proof of the guardian’s identification and the child’s residency. This could be in the form of a government-issued identification card, such as a passport or driver’s license. It is important to note that the qualifying conditions for opening a minor demat account may vary depending on the bank or broker of your choice.

Therefore, before proceeding with opening a minor demat account, it is imperative that you confirm the qualifying conditions with the financial institution you plan to work with. This will ensure that you have a clear understanding of the requirements and can satisfy them accordingly.

Process of Opening a Minor Demat Account

There are a few procedures involved in opening a small demat account, and regulatory authorities have demanded that certain rules be followed. This is the standard procedure:

Choose a Participant in the Depository (DP): 

A brokerage company that is approved to provide demat services by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Make sure they provide assistance with opening small demat accounts.

Collect the Necessary Documents: 

The guardian’s identity proof (passport, voter ID, Adhaar card, etc.), proof of address, the minor’s birth certificate, the minor’s PAN card (if available), passport-size photos of the guardian and the minor, and a guardianship declaration or court-appointed guardianship certificate (if applicable) are all required.

Fill out the application: 

The DP provides an account opening form. Make sure that the details reflect the accompanying documentation and are correct.

Provide guardian details:

Additionally, the application form and any other required paperwork must be signed by the guardian.

Submit the Documents: 

Send the completed application form to the DP’s office together with the necessary paperwork.


The information on the application form and the papers that have been submitted will be checked by the DP. 

Account Activation: 

The minor’s demat account will be launched in their name, with the guardian serving as the authorised signature, after the verification procedure is completed and all supporting documentation is determined to be in order.

Operational Guidelines: 

The guardian will be in charge of the account until the kid turns eighteen (18). The guardian’s consent will be needed for every transaction in the account.

Maintain Records: For future reference, store all account-related papers in a secure location.

Keep Records:

It is highly recommended that you store all the documents that are related to your account in a secure place to ensure that you can access them easily in the future when needed. This includes account statements, transaction receipts, contracts, and any other important documents that may be relevant to your account. Keeping these documents safe will protect you from potential fraud and monitor your account activity over time.


Opening a Demat account for your child is a wise financial decision as it enables them to start investing in the share market at a young age. This provides them with a solid financial basis for maturity in addition to introducing them to the world of investment. Minor demat accounts have limits even if they contain advantages, including tax breaks and the possibility of long-term capital creation. To support your child’s path to financial independence as they get older and become adults, think about transferring their minor demat account to an adult one. To ensure your child’s financial future, begin investing in the stock market right now.