Online video downloaders: Finding the Best Way to Save Videos in 2024

Online video downloaders: Finding the Best Way to Save Videos in 2024

YouTube doesn’t allow downloading videos directly from the desktop site for non-monetized content. But Online video downloader tools allow. Simply go to the video page and click the “Download” button below the video. Choose the quality and format, typically MP4. This only works for a limited number of videos per day without an account.

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5 reliable ways to save YouTube videos in 2023

YouTube’s Built-In Downloader
YouTube allows downloading videos directly from its desktop site for non-monetized content. Simply go to the video page and click the “Download” button below to save in MP4 format. However, this Online video downloader only works for a limited number of downloads per day without an account. In addition, it isn’t as robust as dedicated downloader apps.

Online Video Downloaders
Websites like YesVideoDownloader let you easily copy-paste URLs to pull videos without installing anything. They download quickly in seconds. While convenient, online Online video downloaders sometimes offer lower video/audio quality compared to direct methods. Similarly, they have limited format/quality options on some sites.


Browser Extensions
Extensions for Chrome and Firefox add a one-click download option to any video. Examples are Video DownloadHelper and Free Download Manager. Quality choices typically match the YouTube player. However, reliability can vary by extension. In addition, quality may be dependent on browser size limits.

Desktop Online video downloader Apps
Apps like Clipgrab and 4K Video Downloader have robust options for custom quality and playlists. Moreover, they are supported on Windows, Mac and Linux. Yet paid versions are needed for full features. You must also install the Online video downloader app.


Online video downloader Program
This free Windows program lets you bulk download playlists to MP4 with ease. It automatically extracts audio too. As an alternative, it allows downloading full channel subscriptions. Unfortunately, it is only compatible with Windows and quality relies on your PC’s power.

Understanding the legal landscape: downloading and editing YouTube videos

As Online video downloaders make it easy to save clips, it’s important to understand copyright implications. To stay compliant with fair use, follow these guidelines when downloading and editing videos for your projects.follow these steps when downloading and editing YouTube videos:

Step Action
Step 1 Check the video description for licensing details like Creative Commons attribution.
Step 2 Only download public videos without login walls or paid subscriptions.
Step 3 Avoid reuploading full clips or directly monetizing borrowed content.
Step 4 Keep uses brief, transformative and non-commercial like reviews or editorials.
Step 5 Cite sources by linking to the original video/channel in your descriptions.
Step 6 Get explicit permission from the creator when the intended use is unclear.
Step 7 Understand Fair Use guidelines for commentary, critique and parody projects.

Proper sourcing attribution and sticking to personal, non-profit uses are key to enjoying downloaded YouTube videos legally. Reach out if any intended application seems questionable.

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YouTube videos downloaded. What next?

Now that you have downloaded YouTube videos, you’ll want to start editing. Here are the easy steps to get started:

Step Action
Step 1 Open Clipchamp, our free online video editor.
Step 2 Click “Upload” and select the YouTube video file you downloaded.
Step 3 You can now trim unwanted sections by dragging the edges of the video clip.
Step 4 Get creative with Clipchamp’s editing tools – add pictures, text overlays, transitions and more.
Step 5 When you’re done, click “Export” to download your new edited video.

With Clipchamp’s simple interface, you can take your saved YouTube clips from download to polished video with just a few clicks. No design skills needed!

Online video downloader FAQs

Downloading videos from YouTube can be tricky to get right. In this article, we answer some common questions around saving YouTube content.

What are some reliable Online video downloaders?

There are several good options to choose from for downloading YouTube videos. Here are some top recommendations:

4K Video Downloader

  • Free Windows app that downloads in ultra high quality up to 4K resolution
  • Intuitive interface for drag and drop downloading
  • Can batch download multiple videos at once


  • Works directly in your web browser for easy downloading
  • Available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge
  • Supports downloading playlists and subscriptions for offline viewing

Online Video Converter

  • Web-based app requires no software installation
  • Supports YouTube and over 180 sites/services
  • Can convert to MP4, Mp3, AVI and other formats for compatibility
  • Offers customizable output settings

  • Browser based site that streams quickly for easy copying of video URLs
  • Basic and pro paid plans remove ads and ads watermarks
  • Outputs high quality video, but free plan limits daily downloads

VLC Media Player

  • Feature-rich free media software can download YouTube URL links
  • Manage your video library with playlists and tagging
  • Transcode files easily for playback on other devices

Is it legal to download YouTube videos?

In general, downloading YouTube videos for personal, non-commercial use is considered fair use. However, there are some important considerations regarding copyright:

Fair Use Guidelines
Downloading full videos may be legal if it falls under fair use – such as clips for review/commentary with attribution and negligible effect on the original work’s value. Long excerpts risk infringement claims.

Copyrighted Content
You cannot redistribute movies, TV shows, songs or other commercial media without permission from the rightsholders. Downloading premium paid content is also illegal.

Transformative Use

Edited clips with significant new expression or meaning, like mixing into an original parody work, are most clearly fair use cases. Minimal edits risk still being derivative works.

What are some tips for smooth downloading?

To ensure trouble-free downloading of YouTube videos, follow these recommended best practices:

Check Your Connection
Use a high-speed internet connection to minimize buffering and speed up transfer times for large files. Consider an Ethernet connection if possible.

Free Up Storage Space
Be sure to have plenty of empty space on your target device before downloading lengthy, high-quality videos. Clean up unused files to avoid out-of-space errors.

Test Short Clips First
New downloaders can have quirks, so try saving a short sample video first. This confirms your settings and lets you troubleshoot before larger downloads that could fail.

Modify Output Settings
Check default resolutions and formats – tweak as needed for size versus quality balance. Prefer MP4 if possible for compatibility across systems.

Monitor Download Progress
Pay attention to download progress bars and estimated times. Pause or resume any broken transfers to recover partially saved files.


In conclusion, Online video downloader tools provide convenient access to YouTube’s vast library of content. Whether your priority is simple browser-based Online video downloader solutions or full-featured desktop apps, there are effective options for any needs. While quality and capabilities differ between downloaders, they all allow users to save and view YouTube videos offline—a valuable feature for industries like education. Going forward, these Online video downloader applications will continue innovating to improve functionality and usability. With responsible implementation of fair use principles, the downloaders empower new knowledge and creativity from YouTube well into 2024.