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Industries That Will Benefit from AI Most in 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) is something that many of us have talked about for many years. After all, it has been a major part of the science fiction genre for a long time, but it’s fair to say that it hasn’t always been considered something to look forward to. However, we’ve now arrived at a point in time where AI has made its way into the mainstream and is benefiting many industries throughout the world. 

Nevertheless, we are undoubtedly still in the early stages of AI mass adoption, and that means that we’re set for an exciting future as far as this technology is concerned. In this post, we’ll look at what AI is, how it has already impacted our lives, and which industries are set to benefit from it most throughout 2024.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

At its core, AI refers to a machine that can mimic human intelligence. Importantly, it does this through learning processes and can then use this intelligence to perceive, reason, problem-solve, and much more.  

How Has AI Impacted Our Lives So Far?

For many of us, the use of AI has been somewhat limited so far – or at least to our knowledge. Public releases, such as chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard are perhaps the best-known examples of how AI can be utilised by people daily, and it’s fair to say that there is a lot more to come yet.

However, AI is not simply limited to chatbots that can create content and provide information. The below section explores several industries that have already started to use AI within their processes and are set to benefit from it greatly over the next year and beyond. Therefore, it is important to understand that AI has already impacted our lives in ways that simply don’t see in action regularly.

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Which Industries Will Benefit from AI Most in 2024?

The following industries are some of the best examples of industries that will benefit from AI massively throughout the year and well into the future.


AI has been and will continue to be used to help improve the process of diagnosing illnesses in patients. For example, AI can analyse medical data at a staggering rate, and this will not only help the drive toward faster diagnosis but will also free up people to help in other important areas. Furthermore, AI will also be used to predict health trends from existing data, which could be incredibly useful in preventative healthcare plans.


The cybersecurity industry will benefit massively from AI because it can learn about the most up-to-date threats to individual and business systems and then deal with them quickly. This will help to provide an extra layer of security and will be incredibly useful to fend off nefarious attackers.


Retail has already started to use AI to analyse data and provide meaningful insight into product demand, supply chain management, delivery logistics, and more. However, businesses will also benefit from using AI within customer service departments. For example, chatbots can provide automated care that extends beyond standard frequently asked question sections and pre-programmed customer service bots.


AI will also help customers find the best options for gambling online by analysing data to provide in-demand games, bonuses, and more. However, AI will also be used by this industry to provide customer service options, add cybersecurity measures, and even personalise player experiences by learning about preferences and then feeding certain content based on those outcomes. 

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The entertainment industry is certain to benefit from the use of AI in its processes and we are already seeing this taking place. For example, Spotify has released an AI-based DJ that provides personalised song playlists for users by learning about historical listening preferences. We are also likely to see the likes of film and television streaming services adopt this approach to keep customers happy by providing more of what they enjoy and less of what they don’t.


One of the most interesting uses of AI is likely to be within the agricultural industry. For example, AI can be adopted to monitor the health of crops, automate systems that previously relied on human intervention, analyse data to optimise resources, and even predict weather patterns. As such, the agricultural sector is likely to become more streamlined than ever before, which will also lead to less waste.


Ultimately, AI has already started to find its way into industries all over the world and this is likely to continue. The above examples are just a few industries that look set to benefit from its use over the next year and beyond, but the limitations of what AI can do are far beyond the scope of this post. Although it is important to maintain control over how AI is used, there’s no doubt that it can and will be incredibly helpful in many ways.

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