How to Write Guest Posts That Editors Love: A Comprehensive Guide?


Guest blogging or posting means writing content for other websites, mainly for a link to your Website. Guest blogging is more than simply writing for someone else’s blog. Reaching a new audience and creating a spotlight in the busy online world is a brilliant process. 

Engaging in guest posting is a fantastic win-win for everyone involved. It’s an opportunity for you to extend your influence and share your knowledge with a whole new set of readers. Meanwhile, the link building services get to incorporate fresh content that brings in diverse perspectives. It’s a collaborative effort that benefits both parties and adds value to the wider audience. 

This sounds too great to be affirmed once you recollect that editors won’t distribute your writing. For example, nobody wins if you’re pushing lazy content to editors. It’s up to you to create and submit great content that no editor can reject. Follow some of these tips and Get a Bing on your Guest Post!  

According to a blog of Google Search Central: 

Are Guest Posts beneficial for SEO? 

According to research on Semrush. They concluded that 43.7% of marketers use guest posts for SEO. It was supposed from a famous Twitter Poll which was: 

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According to another survey, guest blogging is the third most popular link-building strategy, with 47% of surveyed SEOs using it as their go-to method.   

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Guest posting can be marvelous for Search engine optimization since it assists you with link-building solutions to your brand profile. At the point when you feature your expertise and link with selected guest posting sites. You can lay out credibility with readers and Google. That can prompt more social followers, New partnership opportunities, and higher rankings.  

How to Write Guest Posts that Editors Adore? 

Get Knowledge about the Website on which you wish to Submit a Guest Post.  

  • Remember to write for their audience only. Read out the blogs they have registered and try to write relevant content. When your content benefits that specific Website, they will focus on you.
  • Assuming you write a guest post designated to male demographics and submit it to a blog with female business visionaries as their interest group, your guest post will be rejected. So, read briefly about their audience and write according to it. Stay Relevant!
  • Monitor what they are offering in return. If it is an author bio, nothing is more beneficial than this. Also, links back to your original Website are provided by some guest posting platforms, which is helpful for SEO.


These are the recent blogs posted by Hubspot. Reading their most viewed blogs can help you identify their specific daily readers.  

  1. Accept their Brand  

Every Editor offers a brand or a service. Their brand tells a purpose, “This is the perfect thing that can help you reach your desired spotlight. “To create the most grounded brand-promoting blog, you want to know their key audience. 

What message you’ll be delivering? And more specifically, What is your expertise?  

Very much like every Editor has a service to offer, so does every blogger. So, explore your particular audience, message, and expertise. Create a specific tone, angle, and approach to make your blog reader-specific.  

The best guest posts are the ones that align with the Author’s relevancy. In other words, your content must assist them with expanding their primary message.  

  1. Follow their Guidelines

Guidelines differ in many ways. They are different for one blog, and then onto the next, they are completely changed. Some guest posting websites follow this procedure, but not all of them. 

Continuously search for the guidelines for that specific blog you want to write and note them accurately. Peruse them thoroughly to guarantee that you understand every policy of their Website. 

Assuming a blog expresses that you are restricted to submitting just the headline of your guest post, don’t submit a total article. Also, if they request that you send an entire article through a form on their Website, wait to send it through email. 



For example, HUBSPOT (guest posting platform) addresses these guidelines. To get attention, read them carefully and follow these line-wise in your blog. 

The main guidelines you need to focus on are:  

  • Topics website editors are interested in. 
  • Length of guest posts. 
  • How many infographics per post? 
  • Instructions on writing structure. 
  • The most effective method to submit. 

Guidelines make the space for the Editor directly and make your work more straightforward as a guest writer. Reading these can increase your chances of getting your guest post loved by the Editor if these are read briefly.  

  1. SEO Links 

Editors will appreciate it more if you can assist them with improving their website optimization. One method for doing that is to include internal site content links.  

Internal links need to associate the site’s content and give web search tools a thought of the site’s design. That lays out an order, giving the main posts more link esteem. 

  1. And in the End, Just Be Yourself

You want to fit in with the style, tone, and content of the blog you’re writing for. That is the way to keep any editor attracted. 

In any case, you also want to be specific. The most effective way to do that will be your authentic self. Also, try using unique ways of expressing your content. 

You’re a guest poster, not a ghostwriter. The Editor picked you over the wide range of guest posters because you have extraordinary expertise or some exciting story to share. 

Final Thoughts 

The most effective way to work with someone is to understand their demands. It will help you to understand difficulties and their part. An effective content writing strategy can build strong relationships with editors, leading to create quality backlinks. Editors are a critical part of the web publishing process. The ideal way to become a guest blogger is to write compelling content and become a helpful partner to the editors you want a long-term relationship with.