How to Get Money As Soon As Possible

    Need money fast? In 1 day or less, you may be able to get a sizeable amount of funds to cover a large expense or an emergency. Lots of people find themselves in situations where they need help they don’t have.

    Fortunately, there are options. You can have money coming your way almost instantly within hours. When you’re struggling and need to know how to get money as soon as possible, here is a list of ways to do that.

    Take from Savings

    Money tied up in a savings or retirement account should stay there until it’s ready to be withdrawn for the intended purpose. Many people looking for ways to get money quickly will immediately withdraw from their savings. This is even when penalties or fees are attached to such a withdrawal.

    Apply for a New Credit Card

    Although this can take a few days to complete, if you don’t have a credit card or don’t have enough funds on your present card, apply for another. It’s not the ideal approach if you don’t have a way to repay the funds; however, a strong credit rating can make you more money accessible quickly.

    Payday Loan

    Payday loans can be obtained instantly. You don’t even need to leave your house. Enter your info online. Read through the rates and agreement, complete a credit check if required, and provide your banking details. Within a day or two, you can have hundreds of dollars accessible through a payday loan.

    Post an Ad for Cash Jobs

    If you can offer local services for cash, that might be something to consider. Electrical, plumbing, or carpentry work for contractors. Any sort of fixing that needs to be done, cleaning that needs to be done, or similar sought-after services may be a way to make some extra cash quickly.

    Sell Old Electronics

    If you have any tech or electronics you no longer use that are in high demand, you may be able to put that money in your pocket. Smartphones, computers, musical instruments, and the like can be sold through local classifieds and other means. This provides cash on the spot if you find a buyer.

    Try a Pawn Shop

    If you have something of high value that you don’t necessarily want to sell, an alternative is selling it to a pawn shop. Pawnshop loans aren’t great, but they’re quick and easy to arrange, and it’s much better than ruining your credit. Jewelry, musical instruments, and electronics are all welcome in a pawn shop.

    Become a Driver

    Drive for Uber, Lyft, or another ridesharing service if you have a vehicle in acceptable shape. While gas prices are a variable any new driver has to consider, you can still make plenty of money offering ridesharing. Consider doing so independently if you know of local people who need drivers.

    Host Guests on Airbnb

    It won’t get you cash that same day. However, if you know you’ll need more money regularly, hosting guests on Airbnb is a popular way for homeowners to make extra money. A spare bedroom is all you need. It’s a great side hustle with very small time commitment.

    Tap into Your Points And Rewards

    If you have points from credit cards or loyalty rewards to tap into, if you can budget ahead of time, cash in those points to get necessities like groceries. The cash you save from not spending on those necessities can be diverted back into your pocket for use how you see fit.

    Slash Your Utilities

    Just like tapping into points/rewards to keep more of your money, call your utility companies and make payment arrangements. You can also see if you can get a better deal on your bill. The Internet is an excellent example. You may be able to slash your bill and save a little extra to spend on something else.

    Ask Friends or Family

    When you need money quickly, ask someone you trust. They may be willing to lend it to you if they have it to spare. The disadvantage is that it puts the relationship at risk if you struggle to pay it back.

    That said, friends and family with some extra may be willing to spare a few dollars to help you. All you have to do is ask.

    Request a Payroll Advance

    You can ask your employer for a cash advance on your next paycheck. They may say no, but it won’t cost you if they say yes. That said, it does eat into a future paycheque, so one has to budget accordingly and be careful with their spending in the interim.

    Community Organizations

    If you need help financially with something specific – such as rent, utilities, or an emergency – reach out to community organizations that can offer short-term assistance or loans. Non-profits, and even some churches and religious groups, may offer this sort of financing.


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