How Parents Can Influence Child Education in Early Years

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The role of a parent in child’s development is no less than being their first teachers. With a kid going through various stages of development laying the right foundation plays a major role in shaping up their future.

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A strong foundation is something that makes a child of today live responsibly and contribute better to the community and world upon growing up. Committing to child development is the best investment that parents can make in their child.

Here are the top 5 ways in which parents can contribute to the betterment of the child.

  1. Finding Preschool

One of the primary and yet the toughest-looking task for parents is to enroll their child in a preschool. First of all, there must be no doubt about whether or not to send a child to a preschool.

Be it finding the best preschool in Ahmedabad or anywhere else in India, parents should know the importance a preschool hold in a child’s life. Preschool ensure developing their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development ensuring a holistic education.

  1. Indulging in Family Activities:

Making some time out for child to involve them in family activities that makes learning fun for them. It’s ideal to go for the best parent toddler centres in Ahmedabad to have a family bond over at the preschool helping child to settle in a prospective new environment.

  • Making Family mural

Try making a mural and have your use their palms to make colourful murals. Parents joining a child will motivate them to do it under supervision.

Write your names below the mural and encourage your child to do the same in whatever way they can as they always try and imitate parents.

  • Genealogical tree

Best if parents can print a genealogical tree for their children to introduce them to family and give them a sense of belongingness. Enrolling in mother toddler program will have them bond with the mother as well and understanding the gender roles in the family.

  • Family – Association Game

Start with printing and laminating the cut out of various illustrations. Post which encourages your child to equally distribute the objects to family members. Try bringing in neighbourhood parents and kids as well to make this a fun time for them.

  • Playing a Family Hunt and Seek

Best if you do it indoors post work wherein both the parents can hide the object and challenge the kid to find the stuff. This will imbibe sports spirit in them nurturing ‘never give up’ attitude.

  1. Teaching Moral Values:

The sign of a perfect upbringing is cheering your child for the right things he/she does and correcting their wrongdoings.

Moral values form their major personality traits as they grow up so investing more time and efforts for cultivating child’s moral values are important.

  • Respect

Respect work two-ways and that is why it begins with parents respecting their child. Parents should never miss out on everyday-life incidents emphasizing on respecting others by teaching them empathy, kindness, love and negating anger.

The key lies in keeping them emotionally stable and expose them to the truth in a righteous manner.

  • Introducing to Prayers and Meditation

One of the essentials of a happy life is associated with prayers and meditation. Try spending time and infuse your child with the right virtues of offering prayers and making it part of their routine.

Introduce them to meditation that helps to calm their mind and give them the strength to face the truth as they grow old while staying rooted.

  • Discipline

Drawing a reasonable boundary around your child in early years forms their code of conduct in outside world. Ensure creating reasonable boundaries and introduce them to perils of crossing without instilling fear. Parents play a vital role in nurturing socially acceptable behavior which ultimately reflects their upbringing.

  1. Being their First Role Model

Parents make up for their child’s first and sometimes even the only role model in life. Parents who deal with their child by showering compliments and giving them respect back will win the child.

Dealing with children will require you to be best at honesty, kindness, friendliness, and generosity. This encourages children to look up to their mom or/and dad. Being a role model will help you communicate with your child in a manner they obey with pride.

  1. Boosting Child’s self esteem

Two things – words and actions! These can seriously affect your child in either way. Try bending them towards a positive side with your words and actions as it will harness their sense of self while growing up.

Start with not missing out on any opportunity to shower them with praise and compliments. The prouder they feel about themselves more confidence they will gain which ultimately boosts their self-esteem.

Best if you avoid contrasting your child and constantly comparing them with other kids to make them feel low of themselves.

Mind all your negative comments as this will have child channelizing it towards hatred, violence and indiscipline which again is looked down upon in their surrounding environment.

Practice compassion with them and make them understand their mistakes humbly rather than drawing comparisons or pulling down in front of others.

Bringing up a strong, responsible and disciplined child will require responsive parenting. There is research concluding how early high levels of responsive parenting can lead to higher brain regions’ development in children.

This suggests how a child will grow up to react to stress and other perils of a grown up adult in a matured manner. Hence, the role of parents is of critical importance when the child is growing up.


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