How Mobile Robots Transform Sample Handling: Quasi Robotics’ Solutions

How Mobile Robots Transform Sample Handling: Quasi Robotics’ Solutions

Laboratory Challenges

In laboratory processes and research workflows, the quest for efficiency and precision is ceaseless. Traditional, manual sample management methods are increasingly seen as inadequate due to several critical challenges:

  • Inadequate Scale and Speed: Slow, manual processes cannot keep up with the growing demands of modern labs.
  • Data Entry Errors and Misidentification: Human error in handling samples can lead to significant setbacks in research.
  • Contamination Risk: Manual handling increases the risk of compromising sample integrity.
  • Inefficient Use of Skilled Labor: Valuable human resources are often tied up in repetitive tasks.

Quasi Robotics’ Innovative Solutions

Quasi Robotics emerges as a pioneering force in this scenario, offering Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) – Model C2 and Model R2 – powered by pioneering intelligence software – Qai – with fully integrable automation management and data analysis enabled by the Cloud Connect cloud robotics platform. These robots are not just tools; they are transformative agents that redefine the landscape of laboratory work.

Reliable Sample Transport with Model C2 Autonomous Mobile Delivery

The Model C2 is an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) designed to facilitate efficient material transport within laboratory settings. Its compact and agile form factor allows it to maneuver through lab aisles with ease.

  • Reliable and Fast Autonomous Transport

Equipped with advanced navigation technology, the Model C2 autonomously transports samples and materials, reducing the need for manual intervention and thereby minimizing handling errors.

  • Minimized Contamination Risk

Model C2 reduces the number of touch-points samples have to endure on the way to their next station. By reducing direct human contact the risk of sample contamination is significantly lowered.

  • Automated Data Logging

Robotics cloud technology ensures accurate, real-time recording of each sample handling step, enhancing traceability.

Accurate Sample Handling with the Model R2 Mobile Manipulator Robot

The Model R2 robot from Quasi Robotics is a sophisticated solution to these challenges. This autonomous mobile robot (AMR) performs a wide variety of tasks in multiple locations, maximizing ROI while minimizing initial costs​​. It uses cameras, laser-based navigation systems, and collaborative robotics to operate safely around existing features and personnel​​. Its capabilities include:

  • Precision Accuracy

Model R2 is enabled by advanced motion planning and an 8-axis robotic manipulator for ultimate precision and control in critical tasks like liquid handling and microplate positioning.

  • Consistent Operations

Automated Tasks and routines from Task Templates ensure R2’s identical handling processes for each sample, crucial for experimental consistency.

  • Automated Sample Tracking: 

Integration with lab information systems ensures precise tracking of sample locations and handling history.

  • Adaptability for Various Tasks

Model R2 programming can accommodate a range of tasks, from pipetting to sample sorting, ensuring flexible performance throughout the entire research process. 

Intelligent and Integrated Robot Management System: Qai

All Quasi solutions are driven by an exclusively-developed bundle of Qai Intelligence Algorithms. Designed specifically with research and laboratory processes in mind, Qai enables all Quasi machines and software to be seamlessly integrable with any existing software systems and workflows. 

  • Cloud Connect Data Analysis and Management: Facilitates comprehensive data analysis and management for both Model C2 and R2 robots, ensuring efficient workflow and decision-making.
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting: Offers real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities, enhancing operational transparency and oversight.
  • Machine Learning Adaptation: Continuously learns and adapts to the operational environment, improving efficiency over time.
  • Cloud-Based Integration: Enables seamless integration with other systems and cloud-based platforms for expanded functionality and data sharing.
  • Energy Management: Monitors and optimizes battery use and charging cycles for sustained performance.

Transformative Impact on Labs

The introduction of Quasi Robotics’ Model C2 and R2 into laboratory environments has shown significant improvements in operational efficiency, accuracy in sample handling, and overall productivity. By automating routine and repetitive tasks, these robotic solutions free up valuable human resources, allowing lab staff to focus on more complex and analytical tasks.

  • Consistent and Reliable Operations: The automation of tasks traditionally prone to human error ensures uniformity and reliability in lab operations.
  • Optimized Workflow and Resource Management: These AMRs streamline processes, allowing labs to operate more efficiently and effectively.
  • Smarter Employee Allocation: By automating routine tasks, lab personnel are able to focus on areas where their expertise is most needed, leading to increased job satisfaction and productivity.


With pioneering Qai intelligence and indispensable Cloud Connect Robotics Platform, Quasi Robotics is redefining the capabilities of autonomous mobile robots in laboratory and industrial settings. The integration of Qai in models such as the C2 and R2 represents a significant advancement in robotics, offering enhanced efficiency, precision, and adaptability. This positions Quasi Robotics at the forefront of technological progress in the field of robotics, setting new standards for operational excellence and data management in diverse environments.