How legal betting sites in the States compare to offshore sites?

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Online betting is a growing industry, and there is a lot of upside. Betting has been a mainstay in society for generations; the only difference now is things are moving online. But with it moving to the online world, the more open it has become to scrutiny by critics, which often helps to hold back the industry’s growth. In the United States, the online betting world should explode as computers and iPhones become a mainstay in people’s lives, but this is not necessarily the case. Legal sites exist throughout the country, but things are getting in the way of its growing user base. These obstacles present an audience for offshore betting sites, but is there more interest in offshore sites than betting sites within the states?

Below, we will look at the comparison between users in legal betting sites in the states and those using offshore sites.

What is the current status of online betting in America?

Currently, there are only 30 states within the country which allow for online betting. This absence of the other twenty states is a huge obstacle for the industry because even though it is more than half of the country, there is still a considerable proportion of the country that does not have access to online betting. Two of the major economies in the country, California and Texas, do not allow for online sports betting. In the case of California, bills to legalize online betting that got brought to the public ended up getting shot down in voting. At the same time, the Texas legislature is still looking to pass a bill to allow for online betting. This type of situation currently exists in states like Georgia and South Carolina. But 30 states is still a sizeable amount, and it contains states like Nevada and New York, which attracts a lot of attention from people in the betting world. So, while the bigger states are not online, some of the other states still have a considerable user base.

How prevalent is offshore betting in America?

Offshore sites catch the attention of many players and not just the ones inside states where online betting is illegal. Many people will use this ultimate selection of us offshore betting sites because they may not have the same level of regulation as online betting within the states. This lack of regulation means they offer them more freedom, whether through more playing options or bonuses offered to them. So this increases the amount of people who look to get into offshore betting. But what prevents this industry from growing is its legality and the risk you assume not working with a site within the confines of the rules America has set. A person could be subject to scam or having their money taken from them. With something being outside the country of origin, there is already a risk for things to go wrong. So naturally, this number will always be lower than those using legal sites, as most people will wish to avoid the risk associated.

What is the future of offshore and legal betting site users in America?

As mentioned before, while legal betting is not legal in two of the major economies in America, they are currently working on reversing course and legalizing it. Once this goes down, not only the two major economies but also the two most popular states will give these people access to legal online betting sites. This access means people who may currently be using offshore sites within these states will seek to find more legal means of betting.

There will always be a place for offshore sites because of the freedom and the different rewards a player can profit from using these sites. But as more sites within America come online, as more states open up to legal betting, more people will make the change. When something is legal, people will naturally want to gravitate toward that, even if they were already using illegal means to do the same thing. Using something illegal raises the risk of arrest. When concerning online betting, if the government were to catch wind of a popular offshore site and seek to prevent its influence with the states, players would lose access and possibly money they had in the sites. Offshore site users always made up the minority of users, but this number should grow smaller. Legal sites will increase in users over time because it’s the safer option to use.


When people want to do something, they will find a way to do it. Offshore sites may not be the best way to go about sports betting, but it does have its benefits, but it also has its risks. So many people within the offshore betting market most likely would prefer legal means to avoid the risk. So, with the country opening up to the online betting world, more people will gravitate toward this world. The legal betting industry already has a higher proportion of users. Still, this number should increase as more people gain access and awareness of the existing legal means and as states open their doors to the legal betting market.