When the time comes to purchase the finest gun safe, you want to be certain that you’re making a prudent financial decision. However, how can you be certain that you’re selecting a reliable brand when there are so many available? We are available to assist.

    The top four US safe manufacturers are listed below. Our evaluations were based on:

    The duration of each business in the gun safe sector.
    The amount of protection that their safes provide.
    as well as how accurate their fire ratings are.
    It’s crucial to understand one thing before we begin our list: we only suggest American-made safe.


    AMSEC, or American Security, is unquestionably one of the greatest in the business. RSC and TL-rated safes are the two primary safe categories offered by the company. Residential Security Container is what RSC stands for. These are intended for home usage, as the name implies. Commercial usage is the intended application for TL-rated safes, which are often heavier and more expensive than domestic counterparts.


    Glenn Hall launched AMSEC in 1946 with merely a welder and a lathe in his little shop in Paramount, California. He aimed to build a strong, safe, to withstand attacks from modern-day burglars.

    An early invention of his was a commercial safe with a round door. Better security was provided by AMSEC’s round-door design, but the pricey round-door frame and locking mechanisms required intricate machining and tooling. For decades, AMSEC round-door safes and vaults were the industry standard, notwithstanding their exorbitant cost to commercial users.

    An early invention of his was a commercial safe with a round door. Better security was provided by AMSEC’s round-door design, but the pricey round-door frame and locking mechanisms required intricate machining and tooling. For decades, AMSEC round-door safes and vaults were the industry standard, notwithstanding their exorbitant cost to commercial users.

    Although AMSEC chooses to use pour-in amalgamated fire retardant between the exterior and interior safe walls rather than fireboard like most other manufacturers, the weight of these safes can be up to 700 lbs heavier than similar-sized gun safes from some other manufacturers. Prices are still fairly high in comparison to some other manufacturers. This produces a UL fire-rated safe that works well, but you need to be sure your flooring can support the additional weight.


    Although it has had some difficult times in recent years, the venerable Utah-based Browning gun company is still making excellent weapons in Belgium, Portugal, Japan, and the USA. ProSteel, a company that has been producing safes for more than 40 years, also uses the Browning brand to market its products. In addition to being well-known for the high caliber of their American-made models, Browning is a great brand to have on your gun safe if you enjoy Browning rifles. Their revolutionary DPX® door-organization system is one of its most well-liked features. Plenty of gun safe companies offer handgun storage in pockets on.


    However, Browning’s design offers the added flexibility of a molded buttstock tray and a quick-access barrel rack for storing long weapons within the door. Even rifle sights may be installed thanks to cutouts.

    With an interlocking fireboard, Browning’s RSC-level gun safes, manufactured in the United States, also provide strong fire protection. Hotspots within your safe may be prevented by minimizing fireboard gaps with the interlocking design.

    Currently, Browning produces about 17 different gun safes made in usa models in various forms, configurations, fire ratings, and security ratings. The majority are RSC-level safes, but Browning now provides a TL-30 level safe through select dealers who are trained and insured in the correct techniques for transporting and installing these massive, heavy beasts. If price is not a barrier and you need to upgrade to a UL TL-rated safe, this safe is available. Browning claims that the walls of their top-tier safe are many times stronger than typical construction-grade concrete. The TL-30 Pro Series safes have ¼-inch thick steel walls with an interlocking composite layer of high-density aggregate, steel fiber, and improved adhesive resins in the safe body. Browning’s superb TL-30 is priced starting at $14,000.


    American corporation Fort Knox has been in operation for more than 35 years and prides itself on producing high-quality goods. For instance, they reinforce a weak area in inferior safes by using both internal and exterior welds to construct their safe bodies. Fort Knox also prioritizes efficient fire protection by employing a fireboard that is precisely cut, stud-welded, and covered. The majority of Fort Knox’s RSC safes, which they now refer to as vaults, also have two independent door seals that cooperate to shield your belongings from heat and smoke in the event of a fire.


    There are now three alternatives for home safes, eight various tiers/models of RSC gun safes, and swing-in and swing-out vault doors offered by Fort Knox. One standout feature of many Fort Knox gun safes is the optional steel liners they provide; for an additional fee, you can upgrade your safe to include more steel layers and an AR500-rated armor plate. By adding more steel layers, a safe inside a safe is created that is more resistant to fire and break-in attempts. Gear-driven door mechanisms, inside lighting, and dehumidifiers—which are necessary if you reside in an area with relative humidity higher than 50%—come standard on a number of Fort Knox models.

    Fort Knox offers one of the best lifetime guarantees in the business and is renowned for its excellent customer service. For the duration of the original purchaser’s life, the complete safe or vault is guaranteed against any material or quality fault, including the lock, inside, handle/bolt work, mechanism, clutch, and body. To further extend their warranty, Fort Knox promises that if your vault is destroyed or broken into as a result of attempted theft, they will repair it for free. In most cases, we will replace your Fort Knox vault if it is destroyed by a fire, flood, or other incident.


    , Liberty Safe is the firm that produces the greatest number of safes in the country. Approximately 95% of gun and home safes are made in the United States! It has sold more than two million safes to date, and although it do occasionally provide import safes for certain markets, imports account for a very minor portion of our total sales. US steel is used to make the great bulk of our safes. It’s 95% of our items are created in the United States.

    Liberty Safe was founded in Utah in 1988, and as the company grew, it had manufacturing and corporate centers in Provo, Springville, and Spanish Fork, Utah.

    It’s capacity to produce a huge number of safes with reliable, high-quality outcomes is one of Liberty’s greatest assets. They employed the best personnel, simplified production processes, and improved quality control protocols. While other businesses might only produce 20 safes a day on average, it’s team can build up to an amazing 700 safes every day at maximum capacity. This keeps expenses low while giving both new and returning clients lots of alternatives.


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