Global Outage from Meta’s Platforms, Billionaires and Hawaii, The Consequence of Insider Trading from Pillow Talk

    Social Media is Going Down!

    On March 5th 2024, there was a major social media outage from Meta’s platforms Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Threads that lasted about three hours. This resulted in about 2.4 million Facebook users who have reported that they were unable to use Meta’s services. Meaning there must be way more than 2.4 million that go unreported and are affected by this event.

    Many users have reported that they were logged out of Facebook while other applications like Instagram just simply weren’t working.

    Andy Stone the Director of communication at Meta has came out on Threads reassuring everyone what happened but didn’t specify what the problem was exactly. Just stated that it was a “technical issue”. At least we know now that it wasn’t a cyber attack that was compromising the infrastructure of Meta and that it was just technical error in the system.

    This was not the first time that Meta had a problem like this where it occurred back in 2021, where there was network problem and had lasted for hours and the problem in this case was due to maintenance operation.

    Because of this outage Meta must’ve lost a lot of revenue that comes from ads and other revenue streams through their platforms. Facebook has an annual revenue of $72 billion from Facebook alone and if you were to break it down to just three hours, where the outage lasted for, they lost about $24.3 million just on that day.

    Tech Bros Buying Land in Hawaii

    It would seem like Hawaii is the hotspot for buying real estate as more wealthy individuals especially from the tech industry have set their eyes and cash on the land of Hawaii.

    Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, has donated about $150 million to two hospitals in the state after locals were worried about his plans for purchasing land in the big part of Hawaii. NPR tech correspondent Dara Kerr has reported that Marc Benioff bought 38 land parcels back from the year 2000 and onward. Half of which were bought in the last 3 years.

    It would seem like Salesforce is doing pretty well considering Marc Benioff has this much disposable income to dump on land from Hawaii. Not only that, the prices of real estate in Hawaii is quite massive compared to everywhere else in the states as Hawaii is known for tourism and culture.

    Not so long ago, Mark Zuckerberg is also buying huge amounts of land in Hawaii that’s worth about $260 million, and plans to build an underground bunker in a secluded part of Hawaii. But Zuckerberg has spent numerous years buying up parcels of land to build up to that $260 million.

    It’s unknown to the public of what the bunker will be and it’s being held secret and only the construction crew and Mark himself knows what lies or what will lie in the underground bunker. This plan is so disclosed that not even the construction workers building the bunker can discuss it over social media and that they would get fired the minute they talk about the project.

    Whatever is happening in the bunker, Mark must know what’s to come in the upcoming years and it might be big. With the announcement of aliens being real from Government officials. We potentially might go on an all out war with extraterrestrials. So this would add to the wars we’re currently having with Russia and Ukraine and the Hamas war, then soon World War III, if we do end up having a war that’s out of this world.

    Hopefully that’s not the case.

    Insider Trading from your Wife’s Business Phone Calls

    A man in Texas has pleaded guilty to insider trading that made him over $1.7 million in illegal profits. Tyler Loudon bought 46,000 shares of a travel company called Travel Centers of America because he overheard his wife’s conversation with company BP about a company acquisition of Travel Centers of America, causing the stock of BP to increase 71% after BP’s announcement for an acquisition deal.

    Soon after the spike that had happened, Loudon had sold all of it and raised some red flags to BP and the SEC. Making them investigate what the case was and then busted Tyler Loudon for insider trading.

    After the court case with Tyler, his wife immediately divorced him, sadly. Which would be understandable which is almost like you have betrayed your significant other.

    You would think that these people who are quite high on the corporate ladder would have enough money to have separate rooms to have exclusive meetings with executives and important figures in the business. Or it would make sense that they would hold these vital information about important events like mergers or acquisition deals in a physical meeting like the Davos meeting where it’s held in Switzerland every year at one location.

    They say that members who attend the Davos meeting have made over half of their wealth because of these meetings. So if this was held in the bedroom where your computer was in the same room as you, your significant other would listen in and probably act on those conversations.


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