Five Reasons You Should Get a Cloud-Based HR Software

Five Reasons You Should Get a Cloud-Based HR Software

Your human resource team has to handle numerous tasks daily, ranging from recruitment, training, assessment, and other HR-related functions. You may have automated and streamlined many tasks in your company with the help of technology and software. However, your HR department may still be working in a traditional mode, leading to discrepancies and confusion. 

To solve such problems, you can get a cloud-based HR solution such as Happy HR. According to a PWC HR survey, 86% of organisations that adopted cloud-based HR software noticed increased productivity. Such solutions can digitally transform the way your human resource department works and improve your company’s efficiency. Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should get a cloud-based HR solution. But first, what is cloud-based HR software? 

What is Cloud-Based HR Software? 

A cloud-based HR software is a solution that helps manage and automate the functions of your organisation’s human resource department. These software are hosted by several servers and can be accessed through the internet, meaning that users can access the information on the software through the web or a dedicated application. 

Now, you may wonder, because your organisation has different HR policies and payroll systems, a one-size-fits-all cloud-based software will not benefit you. However, contrary to this belief, such software is easily customisable, helping you implement your unique HR policies and, at the same time, increasing your productivity. 

Reason to Get a Cloud-Based HR Software

As a modern organisation, you need to move at the same pace as your competitors, which can be achieved if you automate your tasks and improve efficiency. Let us look at five compelling reasons why cloud-based HR software is necessary for your organisation. 


One of the most important benefits of cloud-based HR software is that it can be accessed from anywhere, given that you have an internet connection. This accessibility is a great boon for businesses that have a flexible working environment where people work from home or in a hybrid model. 

Reduces paperwork: 

Can you imagine the work environment a few decades back? Piles of documents used to lie around the table, and finding something important took the whole day. Now, as one of the leading organisations in 2024, you don’t want to waste your time managing a load of paper documents. When you have cloud-based software, all your files are saved online, which can be retrieved whenever you want. 

Improves employee engagement: 

Many HR software tools are integrated with AI, which helps with predictive analysis of your employee’s behaviour and improves productivity. Moreover, once an employee has been hired, the software can help improve the rate of retention and engagement. This software makes organisational data available to the HR personnel within minutes, which can be used to find out the reasons for a drop in employee performance or the areas in which a particular employee may need training. 

Helps automate routine tasks: 

A cloud-based HR software helps automate routine tasks, save time and reduce inconsistency. It can also help streamline your HR delivery model and processes. Gartner reports state that 56% of organisations that use cloud-based HR software utilise it to automate routine or manual tasks. For instance, such software can help automate the onboarding process, schedule interviews with candidates, send meeting reminders and automate payroll through this software. 

Enhanced Security: 

One of the major concerns while implementing cloud-based HR software is security. When all the sensitive information about your organisation is saved on the internet, how do you protect it from online hackers? To solve this problem, many software tools have multiple-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption and other security features such as robust padlocks and archival fireproofing. 


A cloud-based HR software is the answer to all the problems that your human resource department faces. It takes the pressure off the department by automating routine tasks and helps them concentrate on strategic reforms and functions. So, if your organisation hasn’t implemented this cloud-based solution yet, what are you waiting for? You must avail one and customise it according to your needs today!