Explore CTO as a Service: A Must for Every Startup

Explore CTO as a Service: A Must for Every Startup

When you have a ready-made idea and a roadmap for the next couple of years, you are already halfway to success. However, the rest of this way, you may face pitfalls in the technical implementation of your software startup. Below, you will find out which C-level specialist can help you overcome this challenge.

Who Do You Need?

Teams working on software development for startups are often groups of enthusiasts inspired by a single concept. Their members can be good marketers, software developers, designers, business owners, and, in general, successful and accomplished specialists in their field. At the same time, maintaining the position of technical leader in startup product development teams can be quite difficult – this can be explained either by the fact that the team consists of friends or simply by the lack of proper expertise (since putting together the business goals of startup software with aspects of its technical implementation can be an overwhelming task even for senior software engineers).

In this case, a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) can come to your aid. In a nutshell, it is a specialist who will bring your business goals and technical tasks associated with startup development to a common denominator. However, how can you find such an expert in a short time, which is usually a crucial need for startups? The answer is simple: you should consider the CTO as a Service model.

Is There a Difference Between a Full-time and a Virtual Specialist?

You can argue that no virtual employee, especially in a management position, is capable of replacing a full-time one. However, as practice shows, in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the vast majority of businesses, including startups, were forced to transfer their work processes to the digital plane, this turned out to be just a prejudice. Indeed, thanks to modern tools for remote communications, your local startup software development team can contact your virtual CTO in the mode that is most convenient for them – be it a full-time working day or a fixed number of hours per day/week/month.

At the same time, when choosing this model of cooperation, you will be able to delegate to this specialist all the same responsibilities as to the in-office CTO: selection of a technology stack that is in tune with the goals of the software development startup, drawing up its roadmap, distributing tasks between tech team members and improving their skills, conducting technical interviews for new team members, presentation project to stakeholders, transferring some tasks to outsourcing software design services, and much more that can be fallen on the shoulders of the CTO.

Thus, along with cost efficiency and the ability to start working “right here and now,” you get the same CTO who will take the role of the technical leader of your startup.

Final Thoughts

We hope that we have helped you understand the importance of the CTO role in the success of software for startups and also revealed the potential of an alternative option to hiring an in-office specialist. By the way, if this model of cooperation suits you (we mean a virtual CTO), you can contact us, and we will find you an expert with many years of experience in your business niche.